I watched an interesting group text last week with a group of men. I am part of the group, although I am more of an observer than a text-er. What I see with these men is similar to what I have observed with a “squad,” whether it is the Army, Navy Seals, or Marines. A “squad” is a small military unit consisting of up to ten or eleven soldiers, normally led by a staff sergeant. They are not officers. They are not behind the scenes warriors. They are field soldiers. They work together to accomplish a mission, and simply win battles.   Likewise my guys are a squad of Jesus guys. Here is what I’ve observed with them. They are encouragers. They are visionaries. They are a cohesive unit. They pray a lot. They share their life with each other by sharing their needs, by sharing praise-worthy answers to prayers, and by their mutual admiration of their Supreme Commander. Make no mistake in thinking that just because they present kindness and compassion that they are weak or not a spiritually dangerous bunch of guys. They are a threat to the spirit world of evil, for they are courageous and sold out for Jesus. They are the real deal. Here is how they work together for God’s glory:

Like a highly functioning squad they are loyal to each other. Oh they might get into it with each other from time to time, for they are still men and passionate as heck. No passive men here. But, if they sense a battle coming at anyone of them, they pull together to beat the evil back that comes at one of them, or his family, or people he is concerned about. Although they can be a defensive unit when under attack, they are also an offensive team by leading Journey Groups and making disciples. They are taking the land around them for Jesus one person at a time.

When I view those guys I see the real purpose of a small group of Christian men meeting regularly with each other. They have a mutual mission, and they have a mutual vision for getting it done. There is so much strength, accountability and purpose going on with these guys, and I am proud of them because of it.

If you who are reading this blog and are without men such as this in your life I will say enthusiastically to you that you need them, and they need you. Why not be the sergeant who pulls a group of men like this together, and build a Jesus Squad? Your community, or church, or business, or city needs men like this who pull together to honor our King and show what Jesus looks like. There is much good that you can do and we need you. Hooyah!!!