abidingchurchThe Abiding Church is written specifically to church leaders in all areas of ministry. Statistically, the church leadership environment is unhealthy and unproductive. The Abiding Church offers a fresh examination of the process that Christ used in His ministry and the patterns that He instituted for healthy churches. Jesus methods were revolutionary, yet so simple we trip over the simplicity. One must purchase this book and see for themselves as words cannot describe the encouragement and passion that is awakened as each page is turned.

I meet many church leaders in my line of work who are called of God, passionate, work very hard with long hours and yet are unsatisfied seeing little or no fruit for their efforts. Many have expressed they sometimes feel more like a cheerleader or motivational speaker than a church leader. Many quit before they get to see the fruit of their labor. Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective on timeless truth to give you hope that what you are doing is making a Kingdom difference. This book offers that hope and reminds you that you can walk out the blueprint God has for your life with joy and fruit as you are awakened to lead like Christ modeled.

The most effective way we have seen the transition to becoming an abiding church is by taking people into proximity with Christ where they can develop intimacy with Him. This was Christ’s pattern while here on earth that He taught in word and example.

The Journey offers a model that guides people through this process. The Journey will help identify where a person is on their road to discipleship and give them the necessary tools to grow in proximity to Christ.

As a church leader, I have been asked many times what is the greatest fruit of becoming an abiding church. There are many fruits that come from a church that will walk in obedience to Christ’s methods but the one that stands out the most to me is stewardship. Stewardship is a built-in characteristic of people walking in proximity with Christ. When you have an abiding church you don’t have to ask people to give of their time, treasure and talents. People walking in proximity to Christ are the most faithful stewards because they understand they are not working for anyone but Christ Himself. Wouldn’t it make your job easier to have people living out this stewardship in your church and ministry?

As an abiding church leader, I spend the majority of my time helping people get to the inner chamber with Christ and stay there until they are transformed. I have the most satisfying and peaceful job in the world. I am a Kingdom co-laborer with God and people. We are all on the same team. My prayer is that you will read the pages ahead with an unfiltered mind and heart and allow the Holy Spirit to show you how to become the abiding church leader He created you to be and experience this freedom in your ministry. After that, I strongly encourage you to make the step of faith to implement the journey in your ministry and start seeing lives transformed.

As church leaders, if we will lead the way to show people how to abide in Christ, then our churches will flourish with Kingdom health and fruit. Take some time to prayerfully consider making the Journey part of the DNA of your church.

Nate Sweeney

To order a copy of this breakthrough book for pastors, go to www.abidingchurch.org