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Women Influencers Memphis (WIM) is a group of women passionate about helping women to find freedom and dive deeper in their daily  walk with the Lord, experiencing the true fulfillment of intimacy with Christ. We desire to reach  women in the Memphis area and share with them about how to develop a deep abiding relationship with Christ. The Journey has changed our lives and we want to share this with other women in the Memphis area and beyond.

Our History:

The first group of Memphis women completed the Journey process in November of 2014. From this group was birthed Women Influencers Memphis. The deeper intimacy with our Father that was experienced by these women was so captivating, that they desired for other women to experience the joy of finding a fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ. Since this first group, many more women’s groups have been formed in the Memphis area.

For more information on joining or starting a Journey group please contact us! We’d love to hear from you!

Please read Amy’s experience with the Journey:



Beyond the Journey to begin in January!

Do you feel like intimacy you felt with the Lord isn’t the same as it was during your Journey experience?
Do you feel like since the Journey has ended you are missing the fellowship and accountability you once had?
Remember how many of us felt like our groups were just starting to gel at commencement and we didn’t want it to end?
Are you ready to take the next step in growing your walk with the Lord and abiding with Him?
Who: for any woman who has completed the Journey in the Memphis area
What/Purpose: to be intentional in our pursuit of abiding through prayer, the reading and memorizing of scripture, and through regular accountability and fellowship with other women who are committed to the same.
There will be a specific biblical topic of study each month.
When/where: 3rd Tuesday of every month at Central Church 2003 W. Winchester Blvd. Collierville, TN 30817
 6:30-8:00 pm (childcare available-please email us to reserve your childcare)
We will meet as large group to be encouraged on our monthly study topic and then break into small groups. Small groups will also meet a 2nd time during the month independent of the 2nd Tuesday; like the Journey you will be committed and accountable to your group over a 10 month period (Jan-Oct)
Why: A big reason why many of us experienced growth and intimacy with Christ during our journey process was two-fold. 1) It was a result of intentional independent self-feeding and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak directly to us and 2) the planned time of accountability and encouragement with other believers over an extended period of time.  This fostered friendship, trust, and transparency.
******This is meant to be a time of refreshment and encouragement. Not something else to DO. We make time for what is important. Will you join us in choosing to abide in 2017? We all learned that when we abide, we are enabled far beyond what we can imagine. But we must choose to abide and we must grow.
Grab your friends from your previous Journey group or from another and come together to go deeper into abiding.
Are you ready to take the next step? Join us as we kick off on January 17 to study our Thought Lives. Let’s see what the Bible has to say on why we must take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ. It’s crucial to our abiding.
Please  email us if you would like to participate. It will be well worth your time!

If you’d like to donate WIM, please see our donation link. Your donation will go towards helping others experience the Journey. Also, you can receive a lovely t-shirt with the caption ABIDE for a $25.00 donation.  Please email us for more info!


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