What if Jesus asked you what you are seeking from Him, could you be clear and concise with your answer? Could it be that simple to get His attention, and His response? It happened that way in the first chapter of John. Here is what it says:

Jesus turned and saw them following and said to them, What are you seeking?” And they said to him, “Rabbi” (which means Teacher), “where are you staying? ”He said to them, Come and you will see.” … John 1:38-39

I find it interesting that these words by Jesus are the first red letter words in the Gospel of John. Of course red letter means words that Jesus Himself spoke.   I also find it interesting that His first words in the Gospel of John are in fact our entry into the story of the Gospel. He spells it out. He asks us what we seek, and then tells us to come and see the answer. Did you realize the Gospel is so clear and concise as this?

Prayer should also be as clear and as concise. Our pursuit of Christ should be as clear and as concise. Our mission in serving God and honoring Him with our life should be as clear and as concise. But best of all, our intimate relationship with Him should be as clear and as concise. What do I mean?

If we are hungry, what is on our mind? We want to be fed, not cook the meal. If we are thirsty, what is on our mind? We want a drink of water, not drill a well. If we are lonely, what is on our mind? We want a friend, not build a network. If we are feeling insecure, insignificant, and unappreciated, what is on our mind? We want to be loved, appreciated, and to feel that we are playing a more noble part in life, not win a Nobel Prize. What do we see in these questions? We see ourselves becoming very clear with understanding our needs. Our requests are simple. They are not cluttered with our perceived solutions for our needs, but rather a simply request in response to Jesus’ question of What do you seek?

It’s like going to a medical specialist with a medical concern that we have. We do not know what needs to be done about it, so the doctor asks us what our symptoms are so that he can determine a diagnosis and treatment plan for us. We are not qualified to know the answer or the treatment needed. We only know that something is wrong, and we need the doctor’s help. The clearer we are with explaining our symptoms the better, and that is all that is needed. Now I will tell you that we will be told in a hurry that we are out of our element if we begin to tell the doctor how to treat what we think we need. I sometimes wonder if we make the same mistake in the way we seek our help from Jesus. We think we know what we need, and we seek that thing instead of seeking Jesus and what He determines best to treat the source of our symptoms. Are we clear with Him with what we are feeling and our symptoms, or are we treating Him like a nurse and we tell Him to go get what we think needs to be done? Now get this: We are telling the Master Physician, our Creator, the King of kings what He needs to do for us? Somehow I think we are missing a major understanding with how much we may be limiting how God is willing to bless us, for we think we know better than He? Can we not simply say, “Father, can I tell You how I feel? Will You help me?

When Jesus turns around and looks at you as He did with those two men following Him that day to ask you, “What do you seek? why not keep your request simple. Just tell Him how you feel and that you need His help. Trust Him that He has the best solution for you, and will respond to you. In fact if you will listen carefully you may even hear Him say to you, Glad you made it that clear. Well … come along, and see what I will do for you.”

It is as simple as that.