We completed our 40 Days of Resurrection Prayer last Friday.  We sensed the Lord’s pleasure and favor throughout the 40 days and have heard reports of answered prayers.  If you participated in our 40 Day Prayer effort and have Praise Reports to share, please comment below so others can be blessed by your blessing.  Or send an email to [email protected]

Recap of 40 Days of Prayer for Families

Please enjoy this video touring the war room!

Posted by Influencers Global Ministries on Monday, May 14, 2018

2 comments on “40 Days PRAISE BLOG

  • I experienced a new place in my intimacy in prayer. I don’t I think I’ll ever be the same. I also saw several answered prayers for my family and people I prayed for. It was so worth the dedicated effort put into it.

  • I was led miraculously to attend a home church in Austin that James Mosley leads about the time my divorce was finalized. James had found the Journey materials years prior and wasn’t able to start a group until we joined up and God said it was time. God had other men join with me that were separated or divorced and our group consisted of mostly men in broken marriages/families. We sensed God’s desire to heal these, and during the Expressing part of the Journey, during Easter season, God resurrected my marriage as He said He would. (back in 2012, while still married. It took a divorce to finish His work in us. Hosea 6:1-3) We married on our original anniversary of 4/21 by Pastor James!

    Praise God for His purposes and paths to get us into an Abiding relationship with Him! The Journey changed my relationship with Him forever. He is NOW KING and #1, my LIFE and 1st LOVE. Now, He is able to bless me with a wife and other things, and I don’t make them idols.

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