A Letter from Christ



And you show that you are a letter from Christ delivered by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts. (2 Corinthians 3:3 ESV)


“… you are a letter from Christ …”



When I read those words, they popped out to me like a flashing neon sign.  “What?  I can be a letter from Christ?  Can this be? How can this be?  What does His letter say?”  You get the way I process scripture, right?  I ask the Lord to explain it.  I seek personal application with it.  I consider that He is messaging me in a special way for a particular need or a reason beyond my initial thought on it.  With this one I dove deep into my thoughts about what a letter from Christ would say through a disciple’s life … through my life.  I took it personally.  In fact it led to a flood of tears.  May I share it?  I asked a lot of things.  What would this letter say to others?  What would they see?  What would they feel emotionally?  I asked my King what He would say in His letter that would be “spoken” to others, as well myself.  Here is what I was led to understand:


  • I AM A GOD OF GRACE.  Look at this man and see that he was once a reprobate, but now he is MY child.  I love him. It is not because he deserves it. It is grace and he knows it.


  • I AM A GOD THAT TRANSFORMS.  Look how I’ve changed this man from the orphan he once was to the son he now is?  Can you see in him how much I love him and he knows it?


  • I AM A GOD OF MERCY.  In this man you see a man who is living out to his world around him the mercy I have given him.  He is a man after MY own heart.  You can feel MY mercy though him.


  • I AM A GOD WHO WASHES FEET.  This man serves ME by serving others.  Like ME he is a servant leader.  He washes other feet in his own way … to MY glory. That’s what I do through him.


  • I AM A GOD WHO SHARES MY LIFE WITH OTHERS.  Watch this man.  Can you see him sharing his life with others as I did?  Can you read this letter from Me through his life?  What is it saying about ME?


  • I AM A GOD OF WISDOM.  Listen to this man, for he seeks ME and MY wisdom for living his life.  He will share MY wisdom with you.  He is MY wisdom to you.  Listen to him.


  • I AM A GOD WHO IS FAITHFUL.  I persevered in MY life and on MY cross until I brought honor to MY FATHER.  This man perseveres as well for the same reason.  Watch him run his race.


  • I AM A FRIEND, A NEIGHBOR, A CHILD, THE AGED, THE ORDINARY, AND A HOPE, A SMILE, LAUGHTER, ENCOURAGEMENT AND STRENGTH.  Can you see and feel those things in this man?  He is MY letter to you.  Read MY letter through his life.  It is to you.


  • I AM LOVE.  You can see ME in this man, for he reflects ME.  Let Me love you through him.  But you write ME a letter back, by loving and appreciating him.  He needs to be encouraged as well.


  • I AM A LETTER TO AND THROUGH ANYONE WHO WILL LET ME WRITE IT ON THEIR HEART.  It must begin there … in your heart.  I don’t want your empty words that are not from ME.  I want to speak MY words through you.  That will happen if you abide in ME and I in you.


  • I AM DOING A NEW THING.  Will you join ME in it?  Can you imagine what could happen if MY family becomes a letter from ME to their world?  Things like Pentecost, the Great Awakening, revivals are such things that happen. The world needs to hear MY voice, feel MY love, to be lifted up to ME, and to be washed over by MY grace. Will you be such a letter from ME?  That is how MY letter is conveyed to them.


From me to you:  Perhaps what Jesus spoke to me in His letter to me will do the same to you?  I pray that it will, for He loves His family very much and we need to let it show in ourselves and to others. Will you join me and mail a few letters of kind words, merciful acts of service, and expressions of love?  But don’t write it on paper or electronically.  Write it by giving to others what Jesus is giving you … though your life.  That is what a letter from Christ looks like.  Oh by the way.  No postage required.