If I were to come totally clean I will tell you that I’ve had an addiction to the political turmoil in our country.  I hate it, but I haven’t been able to stop watching it unfold.   I keep following it, and it makes me madder the more I do. The problem is the hatred is so strong by each of the opposing parties and the press, it causes those of us in the middle to be forced to choose a side.  This means that both the bad as well the good of the side we choose must be embraced, and I don’t like this choice..  Oh yes there is bad and good on both sides.

As an example, with one party we can love the message and plans, but dislike the messenger who delivers it.  That is a conflict that is happening right now with one party.  On the other side we can love the empathy and sensitivity that goes out to certain groups in need.  But we dislike the alignment that is forced on us with those who hate our values and the convictions of things that we see as sin.  That is happening with the other party.  So, here’s our choice.  If we embrace either party it is going to put us at odds with our conscience and God’s values in some way.  Therefore, I see it as a dead-end street to keep following this choice.  The hate these parties have for each other now defines them and is spreading.  Theirs is no longer a message of what each represents that is good, and what they can do that is helpful for this country.  Rather it is a message of who and what they are against, and that is where the hatred and accusations are spewed.   What can a guy like me do about it?  Clear answer is I must leave the hate.


Therefore here’s what I’m doing about it.  I quit!  I’ve had enough!  I’ve had it with my addiction to this bad news that I’ve invited into my life.  I’ve had enough of the poison entering my soul that comes by joining the angry voices of either party.  I‘m coming out. I’m being truthful.  I’m going back to my old FOCUS  for the times we are in, the one that has always made sense to many people in a world that has gone crazy and is destroying itself.  I think that it is the hope I need for me.   I think it is likely the hope you need as well.  I think it is the hope that a world running amuck needs.  What is this FOCUS  I speak of?  Let me explain beginning with the following scripture:


Be subject for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good.  For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people.  Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servantsof God.  Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor.” (1Peter 2:13-17 ESV)


I think each party sees the opposing party as either ignorant, Godless, shameful, puritanical, immoral, or narrow-minded.  Choose a party and match the perspective.  You can see it if you look closely.  But there is one thing both parties see in common, and that is they see the other party as totally wrong.  There is nothing good about the other party, and the hysteria by the extremist on each side has created the hatred that tries to draw us in and make us choose a side.  Well they’ve won.  I’ve chosen a side.  But it won’t be one of theirs.  I don’t like those options.  Instead I’m siding with Jesus.  I’ll keep voting and I’m glad for that privilege. I’ll vote my conscience.  But I will not align with any party or person in its party that continues to spew the angry hate that has come to define politics nowadays.  If I see it, they are guaranteed to not get my vote.  I will not allow the hatred they have for each other to force me to hate other people that they oppose. I’ve had it with them, for they have lost their credibility as fit leaders of this country.  Those news centers that dispense their hate?


You are now turned off!!  Now to how the scripture I inserted  guides me from this point on:


I will obey the laws. I will be subject to whatever party is in power.  I will pray for those elected no matter who they are.  I will not join their hate but will try to create good change in this country the way Father God leads me.  My decision is to operate my life under the will of God, and to make His kingdom known. My decision is to do the will of God and by doing good put to silence the hatred of the ignorant, foolish people that divide this country.  I do these things for the scripture I reference leads me to do so.  My re-FOCUS reminds me that I am a servant of God, which means I will represent His values of compassion and love.  There is no party that should do it better than His Party, the Church.  He tells me to honor everyone, even though I may detest their lifestyles and propaganda.  There is no party telling me to do this. But God is.


God tells me to love the brotherhood, which is God’s family … my family.  The political parties are even trying to get me to hate some of them and distrust them, if they don’t vote like me.  How many in God’s family have been divided because they embrace the angry messages of the angry political leaders who want to create hate to get votes for their party?  Listen, there is no place for division in God’s family because of politics or the hatred that drives the current political rhetoric.  As God’s family we need to take our stand and not join them.


Let me confess it again. My name is Rocky Fleming.  I am addicted to the political turmoil in our country.  It has caused me to distrust and even fear people who God wants me to love.  It has challenged my identity as God’s man to be a reconciler, and as a child of God one who should represent Him and His values.  Instead my addiction to those angry dispensers of hate caused me to foolishly joined an angry  crowd that I thought was a little better than the other one.  But no more.


I have listened to the dispensers of the drug called “hate,” and it has created conflict within me. The angry politicians and celebrities and news anchors stand on corners, on soap boxes, on stages, and on TV to dispense that addictive drug.  Hate is a seductive drug, and it becomes addictive.  It spreads quickly and gets other naïve people to join its pull on their life.   Perhaps you are one of those people?  If so you need to run from is right now, for it leads to no good.  Hate will destroy you, and at the present time it is destroying this country.


If you are a follower of Christ, then I say to you, let’s you and I follow Him!  Let’s do things like He did and does.  Ask how He would deal with hurting and fearful people?  Would He message hate and resentment to people to constantly stir them up just to get a vote?  Do you really think it is right with God that you and I as His children follow the same path as those preaching hate?  Do you really think He wants us to join that chorus of hate?  I tell you that it is not for me … anymore.  That’s why I’m following Jesus.  I’m unhooking.  I’m tuning out and tuning into Him.  Will you join me?   Can we show the people there is a better party to join?  Can we re-establish God’s Party in this country?  His Party is the Church.  If we do our jobs right that will be the best influence we can give to both of those angry parties.  Best of all, it is the news the people in this country are longing for.  Now is the time!  Let’s vote for Jesus.