Day Eleven

The Way



And there will be a highway called the Way of Holiness. The unclean will not travel it, only those who walk in that Way–and fools will not stray onto it.  Isaiah 35:8


“The Way of Holiness” is another reference to our redemption through Jesus Christ.  He is “the way, the truth and the life.”  I find it interesting that it is called a highway.  Highway is defined as the main road.  There is only one road that leads to God.  It is through Jesus Christ.

The unclean will not travel this highway.  Those whose sins who have not been forgiven and washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ, will not walk this road.  Fools will avoid it, for only a fool will not see the necessity of God’s forgiveness and adoption into His family.  They will not stray onto it, for it will appear to be a road too hard to travel.  Jesus said that His way is a narrow, hard road that leads to life.  No wonder it is not appealing to many.  Still, they lose more by losing the eternal life this highway leads to.


I’m seeing more and more misleading and optional roads that false teachers are proclaiming in the name of “ways to God.”  These false teachers are all around me, as they say there are many ways to God and Jesus is just one of them.  Where do they get this thought or teaching, for it is not in the Bible?  And yet these are supposedly churches with their denominational roots in Christianity.  One cannot be a follower of Jesus Christ and permit a false religion or incomplete religion to be seen as an alternative to God.  For instance, Judaism is the root of Christianity.  But Christ is the fulfillment of the Promise in Judaism, such as the scripture I’ve referenced.  If our faith in God does not see the Way to be completed by the Messiah Jesus Christ, then our religion remains incomplete.

False teachers are being used to mislead and confuse Christians and seekers who are wanting a true relationship with God.  They are the false teachers in the Bible that we have been warned to avoid. They get their words and thoughts from the evil man himself.  Jesus is very clear about it.  He is the only way.  We must believe this in total and stake our soul’s hope on it or avoid it all together, for this highway is hard.  Either all the way or no way on this highway.  I choose all the way on THE WAY.


Father, thank You for the Highway of Holiness You have established for me, and that I’ve been invited to walk on.  I know that my holiness is a gift from You through Jesus Christ, Your Son.  I can never achieve the holiness I need to have a relationship with You in any other way, for Your holiness is perfection.  I can dedicate my life to You.  I can consecrate it to You.  I can give You my life to be reformed by You into a man who will bring You honor.  But I must also give You my imperfections, my failures, and my many mistakes I’ve made or will make.  Somehow You are able to look at the perfection of Jesus that lives within me, rather than the wretch who is a Temple for His residency.  This is my hope and my comfort, for I know You have made me holy, and not myself.  Today I want to be Your man, and that Your Spirit within me be an invitation to my world around me to join me on this Highway of Holiness that we walk together on.  I ask this in Jesus name.

Your Child