Day Thirteen




“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all.” 2 Thessalonians 3:16 (ESV)


Several things stand out in this short passage.  The first obvious stand-out is that God is the Lord of peace, Himself.  This means it is a characteristic of His.  He is not a God of chaos or disorder or confusion.  He is not an angry God.  He is not a ruthless, demanding tyrant.  He is the Lord of peace, meaning that peace starts and ends with Him, and He gives His peace to those who will take it.

The next stand-out is that His peace overshadows all circumstances and challenges that we may face, and it is available all the time and in every way.  In other words, His peace can enter any situation that we may find our self in and can minister to us in the worst of circumstances, if we allow it.  He’s offering a lot to us.  Why do we not take it all?


I have found that I sometimes confuse God’s peace with a semblance of peace that the world gives.  They are different, and until I understand the difference, I will think peace is only found in good times and in good circumstances.  When I read about the many Christians in history who have been stoned, fed to animals, crucified, tortured, raped and murdered, but still keep their peace, I come to see how circumstantially driven my concept of peace is.  I’ve seen friends, family members and many, who have weathered very difficult times, keep their peace until their circumstances changed.  They didn’t give up on their belief in God’s sovereign reign over their life and circumstances.  This hope and trust in the Lord of peace gave them peace … His peace … It is a thought and reminder that we should all adopt and keep at the forefront of our daily perspectives.  God is with us.  He is present.  He is ever-present, and His grace is sufficient for whatever we face and this gives us peace.


“Father thank you for extending me Your peace.  Thank you that there is no circumstance or time or hindrance that will keep Your peace from me, if I am willing to take it.  It troubles me that in some of those times that I felt all alone, forgotten and that my life was spiraling out of control that I didn’t listen to Your voice, but rather the one who inspires despair.  If I had listened closely to You, I would have heard You invite me to come to You and place my burden at Your feet.  You have said clearly that You will help me.  You have said that I can trust You. You have said that You have a plan for my life, and Your plan is good.  Today I want to take You at Your word.  I receive Your peace and embrace it into my heart.  I can do this, for I know that You stand beside me, even now, and offer it to me.  I gladly accept it. It is in Jesus name that I thank You.”

Your Child