Day Eighteen

The Plans of God



“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”  Jeremiah 29:11 (ESV}


What are my plans?  What do I hope for?  How will I get what I hope for?  What must I do to obtain or attain what I aspire for?  These are questions that most humans ask of themselves every day whether it is for great financial success or to be able to catch or dig up something for a meal.  With the first it is a luxury, while the latter is a matter of having a meal that day, and if not, there will be none.  As a Christian maybe grasping what we plan for and hope for will show us how centered we are on a personal desire for a temporary pleasure rather than a true need and most of all what God desires for us.


I think the first thing I had to abandon to move closer to God was my illusion that I was in complete control of my life.  The plans I had carefully laid out for achieving my ideas were seen as futile, for the many moving parts required to achieve my goals were either influenced by other people or by a web of future narratives that offered a challenge to my plan’s design.  I could not see far enough ahead, nor could I plan for every contingency. Then it came down to what my real needs are rather than my wants.  I saw that my need was to fall under a plan that cannot be influenced by any other entity or variable.  I saw that my need was security in a plan design that had been conceived and will be accomplished by a Master Planner.  No other plans, even mine, have the capability to accomplish anything near the plan that my Master Planner offers.  I came to realize that my plans were about wants rather than needs.  But I now see that I not only need this plan for my life, but I now I want God’s plans for me, for He is the Master Planner.  His plans are always best even though sometimes I have to wait for them to play out.


Father, Master Planner of my life, I thank You for the plans You have for me.  You have said that they are plans for welfare and not for evil, to give (me) a future and a hope.  When it comes down to it these things are what I hope for and what I try to design for my life.  I just think I thought I knew better than You with how to secure these things.  But I was wrong, and it has been proven to me.  What I achieve for myself, even with accomplishing the things I plan for, have shown me that I set my sight on something that is perishable and will not last.  It is always a hunt that never satisfies.  But I’ve found that You know what my inner-being was saying and I was not listening to.  I was being told that my Creator knows my heart’s desire better than I know it myself.  Therefore Papa, I now seek You and Your plans for me.  You know best, and I now know this myself.  Thank You for the plans that You and Jesus have made for me.  It is in His name I pray.


Your Child