In Memory of Curtis Pearsey 

NOVEMBER 5, 1924 – SEPTEMBER 13, 2020


Our Regional Director for Bakersfield, Les Pearsey, lost his hero last month.  His Dad, Curtis Pearsey, went to be with the Lord, and as Les said, it was a true “celebration” because he knows his Dad is with Jesus.  Les has often talked about how his Dad overcame so much and determined he would raise his family in Jesus, no matter what.  Les is a fruit of his Dad’s commitment to Christ and we, too, who have been blessed by Les are beneficiaries of Curtis Pearsey’s life.  If you’d like to send Les your condolences or an encouraging message, you can add a Comment below.

One of the Bakersfield Influencers who attended the funeral said that this man leaves behind an amazing legacy.  He took notes of some of the attributes said about Les’ Dad at his funeral.

Comments by the Pearsey Family

He was a Godly Business Man

He thought it was okay to Cry

He was Patient 

He was a great teacher 

There was no anger In his voice.

He was a great Dad

A True Follower of Jesus

He was a great Man

He was a good role model, and it wasn’t what he said, it’s what he did.

He always had a Positive Attitude 

He was a Hard Worker

He gave grace!!

He was Caring.

He would be at every game; he was always there.

I loved his Leadership 

Your Dad is a Hero.

He wanted to make a difference.


Comments by the Grandkids

He didn’t seek people’s approval. 

He was one of a kind.

He was Faithful and Steadfast.

He always showed up.

He built friendships with his grandchildren.

He was generous.

He had a Love for People.

He loved our family.

He Loved Jesus and showed it.

I saw the effect of the time he spent with Christ.

He loved passionately.

He was motivated by his love for Christ and his Family 

He was passionate about the Hume Lake ministry .

I pray you see a reflection of him in us.


5 comments on “In Memory of Curtis Pearsey NOVEMBER 5, 1924 – SEPTEMBER 13, 2020

  • This man’s legacy will continue. A life like his leaves a mark, a standard and a “fruit that will remain.” Well done our brother. You have completed your race and you have received your reward. See you later. I’m looking forward to hanging out with you. Rock

  • Les,
    I never met your father; however, I have met you! You are blessed to have a earthly father who reflectted your Heavenly Father. As well, your children and grandchildren are blessed to see you continue to fight the good fight of faith.

  • Les I treasure your stories told of your father & his influence on your life & the lives of so many. As my dad is in his final chapters of life here I so honor your dad & lift up you + the family on his graduation home. What a grand reunion we’ll all have one sweet day. Thank you for the influence you have been and continue to be in my life. Change Maker! Love You Brother! Dave in Los Osos.

  • What an incredible legacy Curtis has left. His story is inspiring…a man who stayed faithful and made a decision that “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” I am honored to be a part of the ripple effect of his legacy to Les Pearsey and many others here in Bakersfield. Praise Jesus for Curtis! And I bet he is enjoying grace unimaginable in the Presence of Jesus right now!

  • Les,
    I am sorry I did not see this opportunity sooner. I appreciate your sharing on your father and his passing. My prayers are with you and the family during this time of celebration but also loss of time with a great man.
    I cherish your brothership and your love for me and the Lord. I know your father had to be a large part of the foundation you have in Christ. I thank the Lord for bringing us together.

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