Please pray for Jim Craig, Bryan Craig’s father, who has COVID and has been hospitalized with difficulty breathing.  He is in ICU, receiving Oxygen and a barrage of treatments, including experimental Anti-viral drugs and Plasma with Antibodies.  There is a separate post with updates you can follow.  Jim Craig Prayer

Mike Hearne:  Our champion in Wichita has Prostate Cancer.  He has surgery on November 10 to remove the prostate.  Prayers for healing, the surgery, recovery and for overwhelming peace for he and his family.

Pray for Rick Warren, Jeremy Warren’s Dad.  Jeremy is our new Area Director for Influencers Tulsa.  Jeremy’s Dad.  He suffered a very mild heart attack and has been diagnosed with atrial flutter.  This apparently is non-life threatening when treated properly and the doctors determined his heart rate has been stabile long enough from the meds that the critical concerns were lifted. There is concern for blood clots due to the blood not pumping properly through the heart, but is being treated by oral medication and has been released from the hospital! The doctors clearly said that his heart rate levels were not sustainable yesterday and would have clearly stopped had he not responded when he did. There is much follow-up with the cardiologist and other underlying concerns such as sleep apnea that will be evaluated in the weeks to come. Dad is really shaken up, but clearly re-evaluating some things. I consider the fact that he is now home and able to have a time of reflection to be a true blessing. The God we serve has shown Himself mightily today! Thank you all for your prayers and continued support during this recovery time for Rick.


Please pray for Gordon Polly, from Influencers Tulsa, who had emergency heart surgery yesterday and is recovering.  As he said, “God is not done with me yet!”



Please pray for Tina Merk:   From Marc Merk:  Tina and are traveling to Austin TX today for an appointment with a specialist on Wednesday. Either on the call this morning, the prayer call tomorrow morning or both, please lift Tina up in prayer. She has been ill for over 7 years. We have hope. Thank you for considering this.

Please pray for Mark Crenshaw, who was just diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

Pray for Dana Halley, wife of Steve Halley, one of our champions in Sacramento, CA, whose wife has been very ill.

Pray for “Eddie” Trayler, wife of Rich Trayler, one of our champions in Phoenix, AZ, who is suffering from issues with a cervical spine stenosis. RICH SAYS PRAYERS ANSWERED!!!!

Please join us in Praying BIG prayers for Influencers and what God wants to do.

    • For The Journey to reach every city in America
    • For God to raise up Champions who will lead our discipleship efforts in each city.
    • For The Journey to reach every country and people group
    • For the possibility of a Journey Movie to reach a broader audience
    • For more men and women who have been touched by The Journey to answer Jesus’ call to make disciples by becoming Journey Guides, reaching people in their sphere of influence.
    • For church and ministry partners who believe in making disciples and see The Journey as a valuable tool they can use.


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