Yes, there is a big election going on in the United States next week, in the middle of a pandemic, environmental phenomenon and social unrest and division. Are we watching the polls or are we watching for the Lord? In 2 Peter 3, the Word talks about the “Day of the Lord” and its coming… Read More

Meet Melissa George and Lauren Cunningham, two Atlanta women who started the first women’s Journey group in Atlanta and then, felt called to start a Virtual Group for women all over the east coast. God is on the move with women! Listen and be inspired.… Read More

Hear the story of one of our Journey brothers in Texas who miraculously found Influencers and joined a Journey Group, just as his marriage was about to start collapsing. God showed him how to forgive and how to love his wife like Christ loved him. (LISTEN NOW…… Read More

In case you missed our DNA Summit, listen to Rocky Fleming’s opening comments which really sum up the Influencers DNA and why it is SO important. LISTEN NOW… Read More

Rocky and Bryan discuss the upcoming Virtual DNA Summit to help you understand why we are doing it and whether you should be involved. God is truly growing this ministry and our reach, and He may be calling you to be part of this movement. LISTEN NOW… Read More

Meet Mike Stanley, Tim Montgomery and Gary Webb, three Influencers who went through a Virtual Journey Group last year and are now reproducing The Journey in their own community. Hear their stories and see how God is expanding this ministry. LISTEN NOW… Read More

Tulsa Journey Brother Gordon Polly spoke at their weekly gathering about what The Journey has meant to him. He expressed his heart quite eloquently as he described The Journey as “Fatherhood”, “Brotherhood” and “A Call”. Gordon also just went through an unexpected major heart surgery to save his life, and he talks about how God… Read More

Gary Steffes recently joined the Influencers Staff in Bakersfield, CA as an Area Director, assisting Les Pearsey in keeping up with the amazing organic spiritual growth going on out there. Gary is an ex-professional Hockey player, an FCA speaker and leader and a youth minister. We are blessed to have Gary on staff, and you’ll… Read More

Rocky and Bryan discuss the intense spiritual battle which is raging right now in the world and how our Influencers can be equipped to stand in the midst of it. This is a critical hour and we must be prepared. LISTEN NOW (… Read More

Last Thursday, as a part of our Global Speaker Series, we interviewed 3 leaders with Influencers Women: Nicole Thompson, Memphis, TN Maribel Resendez, Bakersfield, CA Melissa George, Atlanta, GA Hear 3 different perspectives on the power of The Journey in a woman’s life and how this has impacted their marriages, their relationship with their kids… Read More