UPDATE AS OF THIS MORNING: From Les Pearsey: Thank you all for praying for a precious granddaughter. I really don’t know how to say this you won’t see my tears but what I can say is “He did it again! Yes, our father did it again.” Taylor was taken Wednesday night late by ambulance to… Read More

I have a calling to men’s ministry.  I’ve been doing some form of men’s ministry since 1996- 23 years now.  I was a product of the Promise Keepers men’s movement, I led the men’s ministry at my church, and I’ve led many men’s retreats and men’s accountability groups.  I bought into the message that Promise… Read More

One of our key messages in The Journey is that a Disciple of Christ “lives it out” in his family, in his church and in his community.  The Influencers in Bakersfield, CA get this in a big way, as they rally their army of Godly men to help the people in their community on a… Read More