Rocky and Bryan recount the many blessings they witnessed at the National Summit, offering a preview of some of the content which will be shared in future Podcasts. LISTEN NOW… Read More

PODCAST: “The Wonderful Life”. Rocky and Bryan discuss the life God wants to give us versus the illusion of life that the world offers. Just like George Bailey discovered, the wonderful life has very little to do with money, fame or success.… Read More

Many of you are just now realizing that we introduced a new book into our curriculum to replace “Secrets of the Vine”. Rocky’s new book, Abide, is a very special story, as Gabe teaches about grapevines and branches and fruit and the spiritual lessons from John 15. Rocky explains his inspiration behind this new book. … Read More

Many of you keep hearing about “SOTO” which is a short affectionate name for our National Summit May 2-5, where Influencers will gather from all over the country to “Go Vertical” together. Rocky and Bryan explain what’s in store.  LISTEN NOW… Read More

Charles Rateliff took a business acquaintance, Chuck Sharp, through The Journey several years ago, and then asked him to guide a group the following year. Now, these two men have formed a great Guide Team which has helped many men in Northwest Arkansas as they have guided a group every year for the past 6… Read More