Nick was the manager of a prominent country club, with over 300 employees and much responsibility.  He went to church and kept up appearances, but spiritually, he was empty.  His journey really started back in New Jersey where he was an Acolyte in his church.  He took pride in serving at the church and in… Read More

  This Thanksgiving, while most of us were making our own meal and family plans, the Journey brothers in Bakersfield were thinking of the widows, orphans and the needy.  Over 400 Journey brothers and their families, which totaled nearly 1500 people, gave themselves over a 3 day period leading up to Thanksgiving to serve meals… Read More

A shepherd, of sorts, overlooks the beautiful rolling hills at the beauty of God’s creation.  He breathes in the clean, country air and reflects on his life.  This was the place where he attended Christian summer camp for so many years and later served on staff.  He saw God move in extraordinary ways, and God… Read More

Ray sat on the sidelines of his daughter’s soccer game.  Little did he know, he was about to receive an invitation that would change his life.  He was sitting next to another Dad, and somehow, the two had never really met.   They engaged in idle chat which ended up turning into serious conversation.  Ray unveiled… Read More

Paul teaches us in 1 Corinthians 3:6 that we may plant a seed, and another may water it, and then, God makes it grow.  Similarly, God uses The Journey in conjunction with churches and other ministries to help a person grow.  One powerful ministry which God has used alongside The Journey is Celebrate Recovery.  This… Read More

Dave was living the high life in Las Vegas.  He was in the insurance business, making lots of money, with a big house and new cars whenever he wanted them.  Despite his outward look of success, Dave was running fast to escape his past, not really sure who he was or who he wanted to… Read More

The Journey reaches men in all different phases of their lives, and it always seems to be perfect timing.  Graham lost his wife 5 months ago, and just when he really needed it, God guided him to The Journey.  So many men in The Journey are hurting, but God is meeting them in their pain… Read More

Evans was no stranger to men’s ministry when he was approached about The Journey.  From the moment he was a college student, God had used other key men in his life to come alongside him and help him on his walk of faith.  Men invited him to go to Kanakuk Camp to be a counselor. … Read More

Paul is one of the most mild-mannered, joy-filled men you will meet.  He is always smiling and encouraging those around him.  He was raised in a Catholic family, one of six kids, 5 of whom were boys.  He attended Catholic schools, and he would say he had a good upbringing in a good family.  However,… Read More

Jared was one of those Journey guys who was very quiet.  He rarely said a word, so much so that a Guide might think he was disengaged.  Little did his Guide know, God was doing a great, deep work in Jared’s heart, preparing him for a mission.  God put it on his heart to join… Read More

Les has an unusual testimony among most men.  He is a real-life example of a fulfillment of God’s Word.  Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.”  Les’ father came from a rough, sinful household, so when he came to… Read More