Every church these days has Community Groups. This is a good thing, as Christians learn to live out their faith in community. It tends to resemble the early church, recorded in Acts 2:42. However, after seeing the life transformation happening in men who went through our Journey process, we wondered what would happen if a group of married couples went through The Journey.

First, we looked at the curriculum to see what changes needed to be made. Our temptation was to make this a Marriage Curriculum. However, the more we thought and prayed about it, God lead us to leave the curriculum alone. The Journey is about a man or woman abiding in Christ. When a believer comes into proximity with Christ and abides with Him, changes happen. We believed that individuals in a marriage who are both abiding will end up having a stronger marriage.

We tested this a few years ago. We were blown away! We found that women needed this as much as men. We saw women being set free from all sorts of spiritual bondage, and we saw a depth in these groups that none of us ever had experienced in a typical small group. We saw intimacy with Christ increase, as well as intimacy between the couples. It was beautiful!

Contact us if you are interested in starting a group.