“Go With ME” Devotionals
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3-22-2010- God uses “ordinary”

3-29-2010- The value of “staying put”

4-5-2010- What is your Cross?

4-12-2010- Getting to the 4th Soil

4-19-2010- More than Conquerors means “No Swagger”

4-26-2010- You are Significant to God

5-3-2010- My Burden, Christ’s Burden

5-10-2010- Losing the “Wind” in your Sails

5-17-2010- Leading by Following

5-24-2010- What to do in the End Times

6-1-2010- Being or accepting a Tertius

6-7-2010- Reflecting on the Father’s Heart

6-14-2010- Sound Doctrine

6-21-2010- Walking in the Light

6-28-2010-From the Inner Chamber to the World

7-6-2010- Shut the Door in the Devil’s Face

7-12-2010- Living by the Spirit

7-19-2010- Now is the time of God’s Favor

7-26-2010-Will the real Mel Gibson stand up?

8-2-2010- Debt Cancellation

8-9-2010- Where is My Security Found?

8-16-2010- The Heart of a Volunteer

8-23-2010- Refinement Through Waiting

8-30-2010- Loosen Your Grip

9-7-2010- Roger Clemens meet General Maximus Decimus Meridius

9-13-2010 Privilege not Entitlement

9-20-2010- King of Kings, King of Grace

9-27-2010- The Accuser

10-4-2010- Right Words

10-11-2010- My Grace is Sufficient

10-18-2010- What Goes Around Comes Around

10-25-2010- The Business of Church

11-1-2010- He Turns Darkness Into Light

11-8-2010- Built on Nothing Less

11-15-2010- Signs of the Times

11-24-2010- From Broken-ness

12-2-2010- The Heart of a Champion

12-10-2010- Keep Hope Alive

12-20-2010- All You Need is Love

12-29-2010- Hurt not Harm

1-7-2010- Who Am I? Where Am I Headed? How Will I Get There?