A Message From The Regional Director

World GlobeWhen that first group of men went through The Journey in Northwest Arkansas, they never dreamed that God was going to take this process to the ends of the earth.  However, just as Influencers has grown organically in the U.S., we have found that men and women internationally have a need for what we offer.  Journey groups are happening in different countries in Africa, as well as in Brazil, and new opportunities arise every week.

In nearly every opportunity, it involves a translation project and ensuring that we have a “Champion” in that country to oversee the development and ongoing training and support of the effort.  Currently, this initiative is being solely funded by our Global office, so if you can help us by partnering with us financially, we would appreciate it.  If you know of opportunities for The Journey internationally, please let us know.

Also, some of our translations are available for FREE DOWNLOAD…CLICK HERE

A few International highlights:



In 2007, The Journey was translated into Arabic through an organization which wanted good Christian materials for men in the Middle East.  The books were embraced and accepted by the Coptic church, but no Journey groups were created.  After a season of waiting, God raised up a Champion in Cairo who knew Discipleship was needed.  In a partnership with TCEgypt (The Egypt_ThumbnailCommunity- Egypt) which was started by a church in Broken Arrow, OK, whose pastor is 1/2 Egyptian, we now have 9 Journey groups going in Cairo.  We plan to travel there later this year to train more leaders and prepare them to lead Journey groups as a follow-up to an Evangelistic Crusade happening in November.



A young businessman who works at Wal-Mart in NWA is from Cameroon, which is French-speaking.  After going through The Journey, he had a strong desire to bring The Journey to his home country.  He donated his time and translated The Journey to the Inner Chamber into French and is praying about how to launch The Journey there.  He has been having video conference meetings and planning.  Since that time, God opened a door with a French translator in Sacramento who translated the Prayer Cottage into French for us.  Once the Journey Manual is translated, we will be ready to launch Journey Groups in Cameroon.  We will also be able to pursue existing opportunities in Haiti, which is also French-speaking.  Perhaps God will open doors in France and Canada, as well.





The same Wal-Mart Journeyman also had connection in Rwanda, which is English-speaking.  He has begun a Journey Group via Video Conference with a group of men over there.  Influencers sent them the materials free-of-charge along with some money for Bibles and Journals.







A few years ago, The Journey was translated into Portuguese to purse discipleship opportunities in Brazil.  Through connections with a U.S. missionary to Brazil, as well as our Influencers Regional Director in Tulsa, Frank Khalil, who is from Brazil, Journey groups have begun with men of that country.  We need another trip to the country to continue training leaders and developing a new Champion for the effort.




A Chinese businessman and house pastor visited Tulsa and was informed about The Journey.  He was also given a copy of The Prayer Cottage in Mandarin.  Since then, he has embraced the idea of bringing The Journey to China and has been working to translate the rest of the curriculum into Mandarin.  He raised all the finances to do this from his home church congregation.  We hope to train Chinese leaders in how to guide groups this summer.




Influencers-Zimbabwe and Zambia

Through connections with our Influencers in Southern California, a young pastor in Zimbabwe, Africa has been starting Journey Groups.  Most of these people speak English so he is able to use the English curriculum.  He needs support and training as he attempts to raise up more disciples and leaders in this tough country.  Some Influencers from Southern California, in concert with the Global Office, are providing training and materials.  They are also showing them how to use The Journey in prisons.






A Russian-speaking Journey brother in Sacramento has been working on translating our material into Russian to take to a large Russian-speaking community in California.  We will be praying for God’s bigger plans for this translation.


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