A Message From The Regional Director

Influencers West (now known as Influencers-Orange County) actually began in 1992 in Irvine California. A group of about seventy men in a local church began to meet to encourage each other and to chase after Jesus Christ. We were convinced that we would never become the Men of God we could be and should be without other godly men in our lives.

Over the next fourteen years this group of men grew into a regional men’s group comprised of about three hundred men from sixty to eighty different churches. In 2006, this group joined with Rocky Fleming and the men of Northwest Arkansas in forming the ministry to men called The Influencers. By this time this ministry had established many ministries to help men understand what it means to be a Man of God in a time such as this.

Since joining The Influencers, we have seen groups of Influencers men spring up in several Southern California cities such as Fullerton, Long Beach, La Crescenta, Garden Grove, Lancaster, Bakersfield, Valencia, and Pismo Beach.

In joining the Influencers ministry, we received the missing piece of ministry that we so desperately needed to round out and become the mainstay or backbone of a ministry that would help men grow in an intimate, abiding relationship with Christ and become what we call, “self-feeders.”

Our goals with men are:

  • To make Jesus Christ the Lord of their life
  • To make God’s Word the final authority in the lives
  • To link together with a group of like minded men
  • To become men of prayer, and
  • To give our faith away to other hungry men

The three pillars that best describes our ministry are:
We are Christ-centered, Faith based, and Grace driven

Oswald Chambers once said to his students about the Bible College he was teaching in:
This Bible College is nothing. It’s not about this college. What we are about is creating an environment where the Holy Spirit is welcome to come and help Himself to our lives.”

That pretty much says it all about what we are seeking to do with God’s men.  We seek to create an environment where they can enter into God’s presence and be changed by the Holy Spirit.  To do this we are using the Word, prayer, the fellowship of the brethren, and are striving to help men maintain a burning desire to share the gospel.

To use another Oswald Chambers quote to clearly help in understanding our goals with God’s men in times such as these:
He said, “When the crisis comes and courage is required, God expects His men to have such confidence in Him that they will be the dependable ones.”

The times we are living in today require men of courage and influence who understand the times and know what to do, in the Spirit of Christ.

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