A Message From The Regional Director

In late 2006 I was introduced to The Journey by a close friend whose life had been touched by this incredible discipleship process. I was intrigued by what was shared, of what a life was like when a man begins to have true intimacy with Christ and abide in Him.

As a young Christian man with integrity & strong values, I was married, about to be a father, and was enjoying success in my career. I was a young leader in my church, a leader in the youth ministry, and was the Godly man and husband I thought I would always be. But I would tell you today, this was just the beginning of a life that would be changed inside out, not because of a book that I was given but because of what Influencers is all about. This spiritual journey has led me to know my full purpose in life and has led me into directing the movement of Influencers Tulsa.

I am driven by God every day, to transform lives and the men of Tulsa by the principles of Influencers and The Journey Discipleship process. The Journey process is not only impacting men’s spiritual lives but is changing marriages, sons and daughters, and entire families.

We would be honored for you to be a part of this Journey with us! Check out Influencers of Tulsa website (influencerstulsa.org) and please get in contact with us. We would love to hear from you.

“Abiding in Him”…

Frank Khalil

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