Many of our Influencers want to share their faith, but don’t exactly have the words.  We designed this brochure to help our Influencers share the Gospel, along with planting seeds for The Journey.  It is a glossy, professional brochure, with compelling words and lots of Scripture references. (SOLD IN PACKS OF 20)

Sample Wording:

You are being invited on a journey. It’s the journey of a lifetime, actually the journey of a thousand lifetimes. The invitation has been laid before you since you have been born, though you may not have recognized it yet.

Yes, there is a God, and He loves you. He loves you so much that He wants a relationship with you. He wants to walk through life with you. The problem is that you were born into a dark world, and God seems far away.

That’s why God wants to help you. He knows that you cannot get where you need to get on your own. Imagine the Grand Canyon, and God is on one side and you are on the other. His arms are open wide, calling you to come to Him, but as you look over the 18 miles separating you from Him, you realize it’s impossible. But God built a bridge across that chasm. He came to rescue His creation.

The Bible and history teach us that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to this Earth in a most miraculous way. His very name means, “God is salvation” or “God with us”.  You may have heard the Christmas story about His birth.  You may also know that when He was around 33 years of age, He was executed in the middle of a religious and political struggle, betrayed by one of His own followers.  When it seemed that evil had won, Jesus proved His holiness by rising from the dead and appearing to many eyewitnesses. He had to die, so that we could live. So, when Jesus died, His death built that bridge between God and You. It stands there, waiting on you to go across.

How do you get across?

You need to make some decisions.

Do you want to go to God and surrender the control of your life to Him or would you rather maintain control?

Are you tired of trying to do things your way and seemingly getting nowhere?

Are you ready to really live life?

After you die, do you want to go to Heaven?

Do you want to receive Jesus’ sacrifice and God’s forgiveness of your sins, past, present and future?

Are you willing to trust God with the rest of this life and the next life?

It’s an open invitation from God to you. If you are ready…it’s simple…

Confess your sins to God. Ask Him for forgiveness. Decide
today that you no longer desire to live in the darkness.
Confess your belief in Jesus Christ, His birth, His death,
His resurrection, His holiness, His sacrifice for YOU.
Tell God you are ready to follow Him and figuratively and
spiritually walk across that Bridge into God’s open arms.
He’s been waiting on you.
Mark down the date and remember the day that you began
your journey of walking with God.
If you walked across that Bridge,
That was the most important decision
you could ever make.


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