by Rocky Fleming

Phillip Keller in his classic book, A Shepherd Looks at Psalms 23, describes the Holy Trinity in the following way:

God the Father is God the author, the originator of all that exists. It was in His mind, first, that all took shape”

God the Son, our Saviour, is God the artisan, the artist, the Creator of all that exists. He brought into being all that had been originally formulated in His Father’s mind.”

God the Holy Spirit is God the agent who presents these facts to both my mind and my spiritual understanding so that they become both real and relative to me as an individual.”

Does Keller’s explanation help you completely understand the mystery surrounding the Trinity? If so, good, for you have just jumped way ahead of me. The reason I say this is because as far as I am concerned, the Trinity, and especially the Holy Spirit, are wrapped in a mystery, and a mystery means there is more still to be revealed. With his explanation, Keller gives me the greatest insight into this mystery than other explanations I’ve read. Even so, for some reason, I still feel there is more information needed to be able to fully comprehend the Godhead than Keller’s explanation renders, and my mind, can presently permit. Before you think I’m struggling with my faith, allow me to explain. I’m OK with the mystery that surrounds God, and am fine with believing everything about God, without fully understanding Him. Isn’t that what faith requires? I love the mystery surrounding God, and find great comfort in knowing there is more about Him than I can presently imagine. I am very comfortable with knowing there is more about Him that I don’t know than thinking I’ve got Him all figured out. I am comforted by my belief that God doesn’t plan on keeping me in the dark, and He plans on revealing more about Himself when I am capable of receiving it. Finally, I find my greatest comfort in knowing that the Holy Spirit, even now, is at work teaching me more about Himself, and it will be a continuing lesson that will last for eternity. Are you OK with the mystery that surrounds God? Better get used to it, for there is lot more ahead that you will discover about Him, and it will be good.

I understand there are some people who will not believe in God without fully understanding Him. They believe they are much too smart to believe so “unrealistically” as an ignorant people would do. As an example of someone like this is an interview I heard several years ago by a world famous basketball player who had changed his name and converted to Islam. When asked why, his explanation was that the Trinity confused him and he wanted a God he could understand. When I heard this interview I could not help but say to myself about him, “Stupid man! Can you not understand that you do not have the capacity to comprehend the God of the Universe who created all things? Can you even understand the basic things of a God who knows the names of every star, and yet cares enough for mankind that He reduced Himself to a common man for our redemption? Can you get a grip on a love that would cause God to sacrifice His own Son so that you can come to Him and get to know Him better? Understand God? How can you understand anything about God if you cannot understand those basic things about Him? Much worse, how will you be able to understand God if you keep Him from teaching you? How can you hope to know Him if you deny the truth of how He has revealed Himself, simply because it is too hard for you to understand? If you understand nothing else, understand this. The path you are taking toward God is in fact taking you away from Him, and this path will keep you in the dark, and keep you from the true enlightenment you desire. Better wise up, for what you want is a religion you can understand, not to know the One true God. There is a great difference in the two.”

I might sound hard on the guy. But, I’m equally hard on myself when I realize that I too sometimes feel God owes me an explanation, because I can’t “understand why things are harder than they should be.” I think we all tend to complain like this don’t we? But, He is patient with me and tells me to just trust him. He assures me that my life is going through a process of getting to know Him better, and if I will wait on Him, He will reveal to me hidden truths about Himself, and blind spots in my life. Have you found this to be true as well?

True believers have a great advantage over the man I referenced who is traveling a false path to God through Islam. We have the Spirit of God dwelling in us and teaching us about Himself, and unlocking the great mystery that surrounds Him. Through Jesus Christ, all God’s children follow a path that leads to a greater knowledge of Him. God authored it. Jesus created it and the Holy Spirit confirms it. This is the Trinity, and for those who abide in Jesus, also abide in the Father and the Spirit. What a marvelous privilege we have been given, even though we cannot fully understand it.

“Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?” 1 Cor. 3:16

Don’t be afraid of the mystery that surrounds God. If He has revealed anything about Himself He has revealed His heart. He is merciful, compassionate, faithful and gracious. You can bank on these characteristics of God, for He removed this mystery about Himself when He sent us the Good Shepherd, Jesus, as a clear illustration and example of His good heart. What He reveals later about Himself builds on this foundation, and it will all be good as well. Trust Him. He has a lot invested in you. He deposited His Spirit in you for you to cherish. So, He must think a lot of you.

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