At its core, the Influencers is a ministry which guides individuals into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

This is accomplished in a small-group setting called a Journey Group. Participants meet for a 9-month period with a group of believers who share the same heart to go deeper in their relationship with Christ. The key Scripture passage for this ministry is John 15, where Jesus said, “If a man abides in Me and I in him, he will bear much fruit.”

As they begin to understand and participate in this process of abiding, true life transformation begins to take place. These individuals become Influencers to their world, which means marriages, children, businesses, and communities are impacted.

The ministry reaches more people as these groups reproduce and give birth to new groups. This power of reproduction means that there is no limit to the number of believers who can be reached through these Journey groups.

To encourage and influence individuals toward an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ, through a journey to spiritual intimacy.

To transform lives through The Journey, enabling them to be a positive influence to their world around them.

Core Values:

  • God has called each Christian to be a positive influence to our world around us.
  • Only a truly transformed life can bear lasting fruit, which influences our world.
  • Abiding in Christ is the key to a truly transformed life.
  • Our goal is to bring glory to God by bearing lasting fruit, which in turn, shines the light of the Gospel on everything a man or woman touches.
  • God’s purposes are best served by lives that trust Him absolutely and have abandoned their lives into His care.

Our History

BCRockyInfluencers was founded in northwest Arkansas in 2001 by a group of men who were seeking to know Jesus Christ in a deeper, more intimate way.

These men joined together for a nine-month “journey” that led to genuine life change within each man. As a result, the men felt called to share this “journey” with other men, and the ministry was birthed.

The Influencers movement has grown to reach men in various cities in the United States and has even been translated into other languages to reach men in the Middle East, South America, and many other international locations.  It has also reached women, as wives began to see transformation in their husbands and wanted to go on The Journey themselves.  Married couples have also used the curriculum and gone on The Journey in a small group of couples.

This is truly a movement of God, and we are privileged to serve Him in this ministry.