Journey Opportunities


WHO: Anyone who wants training in how to be an effective Journey Guide.


Refresh yourself on the benefits of The Journey process

Learn about some of the modifications and new books added in the past few years

Understand the DNA of The Journey and of being a Guide

Learn about guiding Virtually

Learn how to form your own group

Tuesdays, 8:00-9:00 AM CDT starting October 19th.

Mike Hearne, one of our trained Mentors, will be leading.  If you are interested, please contact Mike at [email protected]

New Mentoring Groups form as needed.  If you are interested, contact Bryan Craig at [email protected]


More and more Virtual Journey groups are starting.  To find out about Virtual Journey opportunities or if you plan to lead one, please contact Joy Primm at [email protected]  Some current opportunities below:

Women's Virtual Journey Groups

Thursdays 5:00 PM CDTContact Rose Alston, 707-398-4145, [email protected] 

Eastern Time Zone Group- details TBD...Contact Jaime Lind at [email protected] or 401-837-2035

Men's Virtual Journey Groups

English/Spanish Bi-Lingual Groups:  There are 2 upcoming Virtual Journey Groups which are praying for Spanish-speaking Americans to join.  We hope to make disciples of Spanish-Americans who can bring The Journey to their culture.  Contact Tom Seay for more details at [email protected]

Thursday Night Group, Evenings, led by Wade Hamblin from Peterborough, Ontario (Eastern Time Zone).  Contact Wade for more information at 705-875-1341 or [email protected]

South Texas Virtual Group:  Scott Lawson, from Corpus Christi, TX, is guiding a virtual Journey group but hopes to get participants from south Texas so that when they do the Retreats, they might be able to do them in person.  For more information contact Scott at [email protected]

Mondays- 5:30-7:00 PM CDT- Led by Bobby Carlson and Carson Brown...if interested, contact Bobby at [email protected] or 623-332-0050.

Mondays- 6:30 AM CDTSignup link -  For more information, contact Jason Pluenneke, [email protected] or 479-685-3492

Thursdays- 6:30 PM CDTSignup link -  For more information, contact Jason Pluenneke, [email protected] or 479-685-3492                   


Journey groups are starting in cities all over the United States.  To find a live group near you, go to our Locations page to find the Regional Director contact information or contact Bryan Craig at [email protected]

Albuquerque, NM- Daniel Bourne will be leading a Journey Group on Thursdays at 7:00 PM, starting August 19th.  For more information, contact him at [email protected] or 505-321-8708.