Influencers International

To the Ends of the Earth

When that first group of men went through The Journey in Northwest Arkansas, they never dreamed that God was going to take this process to the ends of the earth.  However, just as Influencers has grown organically in the U.S., we have found that men and women internationally have a need for what we offer.  People in other countries, cultures and languages have gone through The Journey process, and the life transformation there has proven that this is God’s message and His process.

In nearly every opportunity, it involves a translation project and ensuring that we have a "Champion" in that country to oversee the development and ongoing training and support of the effort.  Currently, this initiative is being solely funded by our Global office, so if you can help us by partnering with us financially, we would appreciate it.  If you know of opportunities for The Journey internationally, please let us know.

See below for some of our translations available for free download.

International Locations


Costa Rica

  • Coco Beach

  • San Jose

Colombia, South America


  • Cameroon

  • Rwanda

  • Zambia

  • Zimbabwe

Cairo, Egypt


  • Ottawa, Ontario

Translated Downloads

By the grace of God, the Journey message of "intimacy with Christ" is spreading around the world, and men are hungering for our materials in their own language.

We have begun this process of translating our materials, and we are going to offer many of these free of charge as downloadable files.  Below are the materials available: