If you abide in Me, says Christ, you will bear much fruit.

This is what we share in a Journey group, but it is also our approach to this ministry.  Everything we do comes out of our abiding with Him, even in the way God has raised up our leaders and how He has expanded the ministry to new cities, new countries, new languages. 

Like we see as we read about Jesus’ life and His commands, they often seem counterintuitive and require much faith.

For 20 years now, we have been abiding in Him and trusting Him to guide us and provide for us.  He has never let us down.  We have prayed for Him to raise up Godly leaders to help us reach more souls.  He has done that.  We have asked Him to invite us where He wants us to go, and He is doing that.  When we have had financial needs or otherwise, He has moved the hearts of those who believe in our mission and have ability to help, and those needs have been met.

We are not about big numbers. We are not about rapid growth. We are not about worldly measures of success.

We are about abiding with Him and following Him.

Start Small. Go Deep. Pray Big.

As you look at our organization, our org chart is not top-down. Rather, our organization supports the organism. Everything starts with abiding and is organically reproduced. It is much like the grapevine analogy Jesus used in John 15.

Other key DNA points that have come out of our abiding with Him are these:

  • We are Grace-driven, not performance-based.
  • We are Vertically oriented toward Jesus first and then, Horizontally expressing after that.
  • We are Holy Spirit-led.
  • God’s purposes are best served by lives that trust Him absolutely and have abandoned their lives into His care.
  • Everything we do is bathed in Prayer before, during and after.
  • We believe Jesus asks all of us to go and make disciples, teaching them all that He has taught us.
  • We believe God is awakening The Church, calling all of us to Himself and mobilizing all of us to participate in His work in the world.