9-month Journey

The Roadmap

We encourage all participants to read a book, Journey to the Inner Chamber, written by Rocky Fleming, which is an allegory about the spiritual progression of man and God’s desire for intimacy with us.

Most Journey groups begin with a discussion of this book before participants commit to the 9-month Journey.

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Enlightened Segment

The Enlightened segment of The Journey is the foundation of the journey process. The step by step understanding of the four personal aspects of God (He Knows, He Cares, He is Willing and He is Able) are designed to help the participant realize that God is a loving, caring and intimate God who wants to involve Himself in every area of the participant's life.

This new understanding of who God really is should guide the participant to the goal of a willingness to trust God with his life. This "enlightening" of the participant prepares the way for the second segment of The Journey.

Session 1 - Establish The Journey
Session 2 - God Knows
Session 3 - God Cares
Session 4 - God is Willing
Session 5 - God is Able
Session 6 - The Orphan Spirit
Session 7 - Extended Prayer Session

Enabled Segment

The Enabled segment of The Journey focuses on guiding the participant towards an abiding, intimate relationship with Jesus. This segment helps the participant understand how the Holy Spirit "enables" him to develop this new level of intimacy. He is guided through an understanding of the "fruit of the Spirit" and how this fruit enables the use of the "gifts of the Spirit." This should help him to better understand his role and purpose in God's kingdom work.

Above all else, the Enabled segment should guide the participant towards the goal of releasing control of his life and allowing him to experience the joy of personal abandonment found in his abiding relationship with Jesus.

Session 1 - Abiding In Christ—What Does It Mean?
Session 2 - The Fruit of Abiding—Part 1: The Transformation
Session 3 - The Fruit of Abiding—Part 2: The Harvest
Session 4 - The Holy Spirit—Who Is He?
Session 5 - The Filling of The Spirit—How, When, What?
Session 6 - The Gifts of The Spirit—Our Part in the Harvest
Session 7 - The Gifts of The Spirit—Definitions and Discussion
Session 8 - Review of Your Spiritual Gifts and Extended Prayer Session

Expressing Segment

The Expressing segment of The Journey is the culmination of the journey process. The principles of "Being a God Seeker", "Being a God Abider" and "Live It Out" are used as the guide to help the participant understand fully the entire Journey. He is introduced to the concept of servant leadership within his marriage, his family and his world around him. He is challenged to grasp the concept of "blooming where he is planted" and how he is now ready to partner with God to influence his world in a supernatural way.

At the end of The Journey, the participant is released to take the name "Influencer" and begin to bear fruit that lasts by expressing Christ-like love to all those around him.

Session 1 - Gabe’s Principles of Influence
Session 2 - Gabe’s Principle #1—Be a God Seeker
Session 3 - Gabe’s Principle #2—Be a God Abider
Session 4 - Gabe’s Principle #3—Live it Out—In the Home
Session 5 - Gabe’s Principle #3—Live it Out—To Your World
Session 6 - Equipped—Alert—Courageous
Session 7 - Weekend commencement

Journey to the Inner Chamber Study Guide for Small Groups

Journey to the Inner Chamber Study Guide for Small Groups


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