Do you ever wonder how this ministry spreads to new cities?  The short answer is that we pray and follow The Holy Spirit.  Through the years, it has become abundantly clear that this is God’s ministry, and He is inviting us to new places.  A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of traveling to Boise, ID to visit our Influencers there.  I was joined by our Regional Director for Northern California, Dennis Shepherd.  We had a great trip as we met with men and women who are going through The Journey, had a special Guide training lunch and spent time doing Influencers DNA transfer with our champion there, Kerry Baxter.

So, for a little back story…Kerry’s kids were going to college in Redding, CA, where Dennis Shepherd is based, and one of them got involved with The Stirring church.  Kerry was checking out the church on-line, and he took a look at what they had for men, since he leads men at his church, Life Church, in Meridian, ID, just outside Boise.  He saw something about men’s discipleship and was intrigued, which led him to contact Dennis.  On one of his visits to Redding, Kerry met with Dennis and became convinced that he wanted to do The Journey.

Kerry had a men’s breakfast at the church with over 100 men, and he introduced The Journey.  30 men signed up at that breakfast, which became 3 Journey groups.  Then some of the women were inspired and a Women’s Journey Group started this fall with 20 women.

Kerry comments:

We have seen amazing breakthroughs, and revelation of the love our heavenly Father has for us. Most men don’t know how to step into that relationship, nor do they know how to make disciples as commanded by our Lord.  This process not only guides you how to be discipled by the Holy Spirit, but also how to seek others out and make disciples.  I would recommend it to any Christian regardless of their level of maturity.  I truly believe the level of Godly intimacy focused on through this abiding process is one of the biggest areas the church is lacking! Our one commandment of loving one another cannot be fulfilled and or acted upon without revelation of this necessary intimacy!  We are grateful for the Influencers ministry and look forward to further breakthroughs!

One more interesting thing happened.  The week I was leaving for Boise, I noticed an order for some Journey materials from a lady named Bonnie.  I reached out to her and told her I would be in the area and would love to meet.  Her and her husband, Mark, met with us on a Saturday at Kerry’s church.  We discovered that The Journey had begun in their church via a man who moved there from Orange County.  Mark was going through the process, and his wife Bonnie was intrigued.  So, Mark started doing The Journey with Bonnie at home.  Now, Mark and Bonnie are each leading their own groups and The Journey is spreading to another part of Boise, ID.

Lord willing, I feel like I witnessed the conception of Influencers-Boise.  Be praying with us about this.  God is good!