“You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.”  (2ndTimothy 2:2 ESV)


Tony Elliott, Bob Brown and Rocky Fleming

Throughout the history of the Church which began over two thousand years ago, the Gospel has been passed down through generations of followers of Christ.  These people are ordinary men and women who live the Gospel out to their world around them.  They reach out and serve a world that needs to see Jesus in a life, and by their selfless acts of love for God and the people around them, they give a good example.  These Christian men and women are the Church.  The Church is alive, for it is an organism comprised of people who are called, “The Body of Christ.”  The Church has sustained even though persecuted, targeted with assaults, and bombarded with divisive messages designed to mislead and confuse.  The Church continues on not because of buildings and institutions that survive.  Most church structures have been burned, rotted, bombed, neglected and replaced with other perishable buildings throughout the centuries.  Buildings do not survive, nor are they examples of the Church.  The Church survives because it gives a message of hope to a hopeless world in need of a Savior, in need of a Guide, in need of comfort and purpose, and this message in conveyed through God’s family … the Church.  The need is never more evident than now, and the answer has never been so clear and relevant.  Christ is needed.  The world needs its Savior.


Throughout the years, the messengers of the Gospel have been raised up through their own pursuit of knowing Christ and making Him known.  That is why the Church continues.  These people are named by Christ.  They are called, “His Disciples.”   We can identify Christ’s disciples not by what they say about themselves or using mere words. Rather it is because we see in them a sacred connection with the Living God.  It is almost as if they are reaching out to Him all the time.  But not just Him.  You see a disciple must obey their teacher and do what he teaches them.  To be a disciple of Christ we are told to not only be a disciple but as well to make disciples.  Therefore, our true view of a disciple is a man or woman who is reaching out to Christ to grab hold of Him and walk with Him, but as well reaching back to someone in need of Him and showing them how to become a disciple of Christ. This is how and why the Church continues and is described as an organism.  I would like to recognize two examples of true disciples of Christ.  They are my friends Bob Brown and Tony Elliott.


Bob and Tony have been a critical and essential part of Influencers from the first Journey Group that was started in 2001 to present, by overseeing our ministry nationally and internationally. They have been leading this ministry from its beginning to present, and their inspired leadership has been evident to all of us. 


After eighteen years they have decided to roll off our Global Board to allow a new generation of leadership to take the helm.  Theirs is a selfless act to allow the “organism” of Influencers to go on and not be hindered by men who want to hold on to their grip and not allow new ideas and energy to emerge.  Bob and Tony have been my friends, my confidants, my encouragers, my supporters in every way, and clear examples of what a disciple of Christ looks like.  It will be a loss for me personally, though we will continue to lift each other up with a lifetime commitment.  Like me they are ordinary businessmen, although they have distinguished themselves successfully in their careers.  But their businesses and careers do not define them.  They are defined by Christ.  That is where they find their identities and their purpose.  That is why they reach back and take their world around them toward Christ, while they continue to reach to Him personally. 


They have also distinguished themselves as leaders with Influencers.  Bob has served as our President since the ministry was formed, and Tony has continuously served as our the Secretary / Treasurer.  Their wisdom has guarded our integrity.  They help us keep our eyes on our mission and purpose.  They have led this ministry by faith and not fear.  They have been fearless guardians of the DNA of this ministry. No doubt we will miss their direct leadership. But their words, their exhortations, their selfless acts will live on after they roll off.  Their fruit will continue to remain in this ministry, for it is about Christ who never leaves them or us.  I am reminded of Jesus’s exhortation in John 15:16.


“You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain ….”


Indeed, the fruit that Bob and Tony have birthed with Influencers will remain long after they are gone.  It is a fruit that will last.  It is the kind of fruit Jesus spoke of.  It is their legacy that will follow them to heaven, and when they enter their eternal home they will no doubt hear these words:  “Well done My good and faithful servants.”


Join me and thank these brothers for what they have done for all the men and women who have been impacted by this ministry around the world for eighteen years.  Well done Bob and Tony.  You will always be in our hearts.  You will always be in my heart.  We love you.  I love you  my brothers.



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7 comments on “Well Done My Brothers

  • Bob and Tony, Thank you for for obedience and discipline to Christ, abiding as a disciple and making disciples. His fruit will surely abundantly remain from both of you far more than you could know of image. Thank you for taking that Journey in 2001 and sharing it through your life of service to the hearts of men and women.

  • We love you guys. I’m just one of the thousands that now walk closer to Christ because of the work he was able to do through the two of you.

  • Thanks men! I don’t know your personally but your faith has influenced me indirectly and for that I am eternally grateful. Influencers is a “pure” ministry of discipleship to men that makes Jesus proud! He will proclaim because of your faithfulness in leading others to Him “well done good and faithful servants! Come and enjoy your Fathers Kingdom.”

  • Luke 6:44 You know a tree by it’s fruit.

    I didn’t know you gentlemen, but I see the fruit of the tree, so I know the ROOTS of the tree are IN HIM. Thank you for your faithful service and wisdom. May God fill your cups to overflowing, over and over, as I’m sure He has and will do. Thank you.

    Mike H from Austin TX

  • Bob and Tony—thanks for being men of strong Christian influence. Christ’s peace be with you and your families!

  • Bob and Tony-so many fond memories of times with you both. God’s blessing of crossing our paths and knitting our hearts together is one of His treasures bestowed upon me. Thank you for giving yourselves through service to men like me. May God bless you and energize you wherever He May take you next in our Kings service.

  • Bob, Tony Thank you for serving Influencers for 18 years. I pray that you both are blessed in retirement. You were committed and dedicated to the start of this ministry. Many men have truly been blessed because you gave of yourself and invested your time and resources to make a difference. Thank You!

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