I have a calling to men’s ministry.  I’ve been doing some form of men’s ministry since 1996- 23 years now.  I was a product of the Promise Keepers men’s movement, I led the men’s ministry at my church, and I’ve led many men’s retreats and men’s accountability groups.  I bought into the message that Promise Keepers put forth that “men are to be the spiritual leaders of the family.”  They believed that if a man starts following Christ, it positively affects families, workplaces, churches and communities.  I believe that too!

When Influencers was born, Rocky, an ex-athlete and man’s man, was pretty much a men’s ministry guy.  He had a special calling to speak into men’s lives, to challenge and inspire them.  He, too, believed that discipleship started with men, as Jesus was his role model and guide.  Jesus started the church with 12 men.  It was nothing against women.  It was just that the calling of Influencers appeared to be to men.

Then, men’s lives were transformed as they began to Abide in Christ.  Radical change happened!  Who better to notice than the wives of these men?  It wasn’t long before Rocky was asked by women if they could do Journey groups.  He told them they were welcome to use the material, but he wasn’t sure it would resonate. After all, the target audience for all his books and curriculum was men.  Surprisingly, not only did it resonate, the Lord transformed the lives of women in a major way.

I remember, when I first started as Executive Director 3 years ago, and Rocky and I traveled to Memphis for a visit.  The women who had been doing Journey groups wanted to meet with us.  We sat around a large table with about 15 ladies and listened to them, one by one, share tearful stories of how The Journey helped them find their real Daddy, the One Who loved them and treasured them and would never hurt them.  We heard stories of God breaking them of performance-orientation and a strong desire to control their husbands.  It was a beautiful evening, and Rocky and I knew, without a doubt, that God was using our ministry to bless women.

So, I’m proud to tell you that Influencers is NOT JUST a men’s ministry, even though that is the bulls-eye of our calling.  WE ARE A DISCIPLESHIP MINISTRY, and that includes WOMEN!

So, “Influencers-Women” is growing and expanding and God has raised up leaders in Northwest Arkansas, Memphis, Bakersfield and Tulsa.  And pilot Women’s Journey groups are starting in other cities.  There is also the possibility of a Women’s Virtual Journey group, where women from cities all over the country will join a group remotely via video technology over their computer, tablet or phone.

If you are a man who has been part of The Journey, encourage your wife to become part of a Journey group.  If you are a woman who lives in a city where we don’t yet have women’s Journey groups, we can help you start one or you can join the Virtual group.

God continues to amaze us and surprise us, and the women’s ministry is one of these examples.  But as a man with a wife and 4 daughters, I’m so glad this is happening!


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