Hey, Brothers.
I hope this note finds you abiding in Christ and making Disciples in your sphere of influence. I just got back from a Souly Business retreat in California, where 200 men got away to seek God in a deeper way. Many of the men did not really know why they were there, other than someone urged them to come and even paid their way. You could tell many of the men were tired, broken, angry, nervous, stressed, depressed.
However, once again, I got to see God’s Spirit descend upon this mountaintop and do His amazing work of heart surgery as He gently helped the men see their lives from His perspective. And He used the other men at the conference to love them and pray them toward Christ. By Sunday, there was renewed hope and a fresh vision for their lives, and they could not wait to get home to start living it out.
This got me even more excited about our upcoming National Summit May 2-5. Every time we have gathered as a ministry to collectively seek the Lord, He has shown up in a mighty way. Every time, it propels our ministry forward and it raises up new champions for our King.
We are fervently praying right now for God’s plans for the 50 remaining beds. We need to close out registration in the next few weeks because we have many preparations to make. I ask YOU TO PRAY about whether He is calling you to join us. If so, please SIGN UP TODAY. Let your registration be a first step of faith toward being obedient to the Spirit.
If you have any issues preventing you from coming that we can help with, please contact me at 918-830-0918 or [email protected]
Here’s a few highlights of what will happen at our Summit:
THEME: Go Vertical
TALKS: “Emptying Your Backpack”
“Nourishment for The Journey”
“Tightening Your Grip by Letting Go”
“Reaching Back”
EXPEDITION TEAMS: You will be assigned a group of men with Influencers from all over the country.
GREAT FACILITY: Shepherd of the Ozarks is in the beautiful Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas with God’s beautiful nature all around. The food and the accommodations are first class.
TIME WITH THE LORD: You will have lots of time for connecting with God in His creation.
WORSHIP: Our worship band is top-notch and will take us to the throne room of God.
EQUIPPING SEMINARS: Special sessions about new things going on with Influencers and tools and opportunities to help you make disciples.
Rocky and I hope to see you May 2-5. Again, ask God if He wants you there. If He says “GO”, CLICK HERE!
In Christ,
Bryan Craig
Executive Director
Influencers Global Ministries