Our Regional Director for Northern California, Dennis Shepherd, is in Los Angeles, where they were running tests on his heart and he just discovered that he must undergo a Triple By-pass Heart surgery this Friday. Please pray for Dennis, his wife Jan, and his family.

He is especially bummed because he will have to miss SOTO.



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  • Dennis— lifting up your spirit as your body undergoes physical healing. Thank you for your endless wisdom and warm servant leadership that impacts ALL of us Influencers.

  • Brother Dennis- I’m trusting our King that you will be in the perfect Hand through this procedure.

  • Hi Dennis, i am praying right now and thanking our heavenly Father for your successful surgery and speedy recovery. I am sorry you won’t be going to SOTO but know that the Father has a bigger plan. I look forward to seeing you at the next SOTO!!!

  • Dennis! I was looking forward to connecting with you at SOTO. We’ll connect in spirit! I’ll be praying for you!

  • Dennis, peace to you and family. Looks like His Love is extending your ministry. Looking forward to seeing you play tennis once again. We’re one body. Embrace this time with our King.
    Much prayer Dennis.

  • Dennis,
    Just read the news re: your upcoming surgery.
    I’m praying that God overwhelms you with peace, His peace, and confidence, remembering that He will not forsake you. Ever.
    I pray that you are acutely aware that the Lord of *all* creation is intimately close, covering and protecting you and your family.
    I pray for courage and a fearlessness that comes only from the Father. Our Father.

  • Dennis, know that many are praying for a complete healing of your heart! May God be glorified in this. May the Lord bless & keep all your family members too!

  • Dennis,
    My pray
    Lord I lift up Dennis to you and ask that you surround him with a team of doctors that will make all the repairs to his heart and body that are needed. Please ease his mind of any anxiousness and cover his family with your peace, love and joy.
    We give it all up to you.
    Your Brother in Christ.

  • Dennis, sorry to hear that you won’t make SOTO this year! I pray that you have a quick recovery! Love you bro

  • Dennis;
    You’ve been such an encouragement to me over the years as we’ve hung out together at the National Conference. I always look forward to the conference because of that. It will truly not be the same without you! We pray for a full recovery. In fact are certain of it. Your best days are ahead of you!
    Thomas Fisk

  • Dennis, lifting you and your family up and trust in the care and provision of the Great Healer! Prayers for peace, strength and a speedy recovery.

  • Dennis, I love you. May our Father in heaven hold you, encourage you, sustain you and heal you in the name of Jesus!

    Brian Marker.

  • Hey Dennis, sorry you won’t get to SOTO this year but know we are praying for you. I pray complete healing. Look forward to seeing you next time.

  • Dennis, Brother, we never know when that moment will come where life is redefined for us as we know it. Sometimes I think God pauses us to get out attention. I pray GODS outcome over your body mind and spirit. I too am a miracle of heart intervention, I trust Gods hand in this, and he has the tools needed for an encouraging outcome. I encourage you to stay steady on the course brother and stayed pointed forward thru this storm, God will bring you thru it and deliver you refreshed and renewed. Blessings over your family and may this opportunity bring you even closer to Him and each other. Know you are cared for and loved, all our prayers will be in abundance.

  • Bless you, Dennis, and your ministry to men .. including guys like me.
    You and your family are in our prayers.
    God’s got you.

  • Dennis, I was looking forward to seeing you at SOTO as we were in the same small group last year & I enjoyed getting to know you. Sorry we will miss seeing each other. Take care.

    Father in Heaven, Your Word gives life.  It gives both spiritual strength and physical power.  Your words are health to the body and the spirit.  May Your truth penetrate Dennis’ whole being.  Your Word is alive, full of power, active, operative, and energizing.  Allow Your Word to refresh Dennis and give Him the vitality of a confident soldier.  In the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, amen.

  • Dennis,
    Praying for a quick recovery plus comfort for you and your family.
    Take care brother!

  • Dennis my brother in Christ,
    I am so sorry to hear about your heart surgery! I will miss being with you at SOTO. You are in God precious hands. I pray for peace during his trial and strength for your family to persevere!

  • We are praying for your swift recovery my brother!
    Praise you Father for watching over His family and being their strength during this time!
    Glory to Your wonderful name!

  • Praying for you Dennis. May God touch you and your doctors and assure your wife and family of His strength, that they may have peace during this time.

  • Dennis, Paul reminds us to thank God in all circumstances. Lord, thank you for helping the doctor to find that Dennis needs triple bypass surgery. I pray you will guide the surgeons hands and he will be fine and healthy. Miss you brother, may your recovery and healing be speedy.

  • Godspeed, brother. May you and your family be lifted by the Holy Spirit and assured that you may cast your concerns upon Him because He cares for you.

  • Dennis, praying for your surgery today. Our God is the ultimate physician and healer. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you and will miss you at Soto. Just moved from Fall River Mills to Minden Nevada. You are all prayed up brother!!

  • Dennis, lifting you up in prayer that your procedure is smooth and uncomplicated. God Bless.

  • Dennis, prayers are being sent to you!! My prayer is God to cover you with his great peace. strength for the doctors and your entire family

  • Brother Dennis, prayers sent out loud by name to the Lord Jehovah Ropha to heal you so we can give Jesus all the glory. Prayers also sent for the Lord Jesus to surround your entire family with 12 legions of the most powerful angels in Heaven to protect them and guide them in the way everlasting. YBIC, Brother Bob

  • Praying for you and your family Dennis, asking for a strong recovery and blessings for all. I know you’ll miss SOTO but we’ll keep lifting you up.

  • Dennis
    Our God and Savior Jesus is a God of healing as we can see from His ministry on earth. Know that He is healing you both physically and more importantly spiritually to prepare you for what He has next. Not a single moment of this recovery, no matter what we think, is a loss or a gain but it is orchestrated by Him to accomplish His results. Know you are loved beyond your comprehension.

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