Sam Parsons Went To Be With The Lord


His son, Nick, wrote:

Tonight, at 6pm, after 15 months of battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer, the greatest man I’ll ever know was finally reunited with my Mama and met his Savior face to face. There will never be another man like him and I was blessed beyond measure to call him my Daddy. Well done, Pop. Well done. To send a message to the family, click below:

Please pray his family and if you’d like to send them a message, do so below.

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  • Praying for you bud. Loved every worship song on Friday mornings when I could make it out there. Listening to your video now 🙂

  • Many blessings to you and your family Sam, thank you for sharing your song and your talents with our Influencer’s group and so many others. Peace be with you. Keeping my eyes on Jesus! Amen.

  • Sam I pray for strength & comfort for you and family. I know you are excited to reunite with your beautiful bride when God chooses to bring you home!

  • Sam,
    So so glad to see you again at SOTO.
    You are a blessing to all of us.
    A celebration
    Praying for you!

  • Sam I love you!! I had the honor to meet you several years ago in Malibu, Ca. I know the best is to come and I thank you for sharing this message and your Faith in our Father in Heaven. You’re in my prayers Brother. Until we meet again, Eddie Resendez

  • Praying for you and your family. You have brought much joy in my life through your singing. The Best is Yet to Come. Love ya. Pop,s

  • Dear Sam, thank you for serving our Lord well and sharing your gift of music. You have blessed me and many others in your walk on this earth. Prayers for your crossing over and for your family that you leave behind for now.
    Ray Burkhalter

  • Sam – what a blessing your life has been to so many. You’re about to see the Lord face to face, wow. I’ll just say, see you later my friend!

  • Sam,

    Looks like the best is yet to come. I just sent your song and message as my birthday card to my good friend who was once a biggie at Warner Bros studio. He turned 72.
    Also, should you get to the feast before me, please say hello to my DAD Leo and please tell him I said he was a great dad and thanks for taking me to church every Sunday. He really liked the church picnics and family times. bet he had no idea what heaven would be like but tell him for me….. the best is yet to come. thanks Sam. sure love you and your gift of music. Nick is a great son.

  • Sam, I love you. Your song is right, the best is yet to come. Romans 8:18. Knowing you has been a joy in my life. I met you in 2012 and I have admired you from that time on. I know you love your family as I love mine. I want them to have the same hope as you and me. I don’t know know who will arrive first, but I’ll see you in heaven.

  • I will be praying for Sam. I worked with him at ConAgra. Sam is a man of God and knows where his home for eternity. Whatever God has for Sam we as brothers and sisters-in-law Christ will be able to Celebrate.

  • Thank you Father for this man, for the love you’ve shown to him and through him!
    Oh how we thank you for Sam Lord! Oh How we thank you for Sam!

    What a difference you’ve made in my life and the lives of others through the union between You and Sam! Your love and peace is all over the man! Praise your name Lord Jesus!

    His continued blessing and keeping over you my dear brother!

  • Dear, Dear Sam. What a shot to the heart to hear of your condition. So many times I had the privilege of playing keys behind your leadership and singing “Band of Brothers with you. As we sang, we will press on, without your strong voice to lead us, but it will never be the same without you. Go in peace brother.

  • Sam,
    Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. You have been a tremendous blessing in my life. Thank you for living your life for Jesus.
    I love you,

  • sam- enjoyed worshiping with you at the Influencers conferences. see you on the other side. Enjoy being with the Lord!

  • Sam, What a blessing you have been in Thad’s and my life. We love you and love your music. I am asking the Lord to bless you with His Peace which is far more wonderful than we can imagine. Love you,

  • Hi Sam, we’ve never met but I’ve read some wonderful things about you and wish we had met! From one Sam to another I’m sending you my love and prayers. You’ve influenced many people and continue to do so. Wishing you peace and many more blessings.

  • Sam, love you brother and all the work you have done to serve our King. The Angels are waiting, there is an opening in the House worship band and it’s got your name on it ! God bless you and thank you for your inspiration and servants heart !

  • Sam…my brother, what a Blessing you have been to Pam and me. Thank you for all the love you shared through your kind words and music when I first got sick. As they use to call us in the army just before we were about to go home…”short timer”… you are a “short timer” in God’s Army! Sam you are a beautiful man and I pray the God brings me home with the same dignity that he is doing with you,,,I love you Brother!

    • You are a blessing and yes the best is yet to come. Thank you for feeding my spirit man with your music and testimonies. I am sure you will eventually hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. Jesus is waiting to hug you and take you in His arms.

  • Sam, I was truly blessed listening to your song! I am thankful that we got to cross paths! I have loved worshipping with you and the fellowship! Thank you for your faithfulness to our Lord! I also believe that heaven is a real place! A prepared place for prepared people! John 14:1-6. Love you bro Danny

  • Loved your story and the song, prayers for you. The way I see it is that you are in a win win situation. Win if you get to live longer here on Earth and a win knowing that the Best is yet to Come.

  • Sam, you have the humble spirit of Christ in you and that is such a blessing to others that comes through in your music. Your songs always elicit emotion in me because you have the heart of the Lord and that is where real power lives. Your body will soon be restored and all the pain will be gone along with every tear wiped away! Thanks Sam for a life well lived and for being such a blessing!

    Doug Hall

  • Dear Sam, thank you for serving our Lord so well with your gift of music and ministry. You have blessed my wife and I and so many other people. You are such an encouragement to all of us. I am Praying for you daily.

  • Great song Sam! God bless you and walk with you during this time. You are an inspiration to all. We love you; Darrel & Arlene Billups

  • Hey Sam, Thank you for serving our King with your talents. You’ve had a huge impact on many men. Loved worshiping with you in Malibu and SOTO. The best is yet to come. Mel Atkinson, Bakersfield

  • Sam, I love, love, love you….. Words are not enough. You have made such a difference in my life. Thank you. Blessings my friend and continuously praying for you. Bill Bogard

  • Sam:

    God has surely blessed you. And God has blessed more people through you than you know. You have been instrumental (intended) in getting me to pick up my guitar again and lead worship in my home group. Thank you and I look forward to worshiping with you for eternity.


  • Blessings to you Sam! Being at SOTO this year while you lead all of us men in worship is something I will never forget. Whether it be here on earth or in Heaven, those that surround themselves with men like you will surely be better from it! Heaven….I will see you there someday & I can only imagine what a sight it will be!! Praying for you brother:)

  • Sam, you are a Sweet Man of God, I know your heart for Jesus and it is an inspiration to all. I pray comfort over you and I trust God has you firmly in His grip. Your legacy of touching hearts with your music and heart will be carried in our hearts for eternity. Thank you, Brother, for touching my heart and being a good Shepard to men. Make sure when that time comes you save a seat for me in Heaven, I know you will be singing to all of us again. Love your Brother G ~

  • Dear Sam, praying for you and your family.
    I remember you narrating your childhood story on the road to Malibu and the reconciliation with your dad. What a great testimony and you’ve been a faithful Ambassador for Christ to so many over the years leading them to reconciliation. God bless and lead you home, great is your reward. The eternal hope remains. Until we meet again!

    • Hey Sam my brother!! Truly Sam you’ve are and always will be a brother loved by so many. Yer a great man in our Lord’s kingdom. Thank you for always giving of yourself, you so shine of who our Jesus is.
      Love ya my brother,
      Len West

  • Sam lllllllllllllloved Brother and Friend there ain’t a better cherping Bird than you Sam Thanks filling are Hearts and soul with Gods word see here there or in the air I am 80 and you have been one of my inspirations Sammy In Christ Tom

  • Cindy and I are praying for you. We love you Sam. We have been blessed by your worship music and something we will always have thanks to your CDs, but even more than your music for the Man of God you are. You just exude the love of Jesus. You have always been honest and transparent about your walk with Jesus which has always been so encouraging to us in our walks. You have always been the real deal! Oh yes, your smile is infectious! “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

  • You are an amazing man of God with even more amazing gifts God has used. I will be praying you through this.

  • I was so fortunate to hear you sing and play your heart out to the Lord at SOTO. You are an inspiration to many! I love you man.

  • Sam and Nick,
    I wanted to share that you both have been such a Blessing to all the Lord has placed in front of you…and such an encouragement to fathers and sons, each time you were sharing His Gifts with others… Sam you are and have been an amazing dad…Nick you are and have been and amazing son… Amen for all you have done in His Kingdom!!! Love you my Brothers…and thank you for sharing His Love to all of us….

  • Sam & Fam, you and yours are in prayer, as I remember you for your mentoring and your support in several issues in my life over the last 20 years. You have been more than a blessing in my life, and I look forward to what’s in our future.
    May your legacy live on…

  • Sam, I only got to see you once at an Anchor gathering, but it was impactful. Your words on loving our wives and never taking a day or moment for granted have stayed with me. Thank you for putting Christ first and persevering in love. God bless you and your family. I’m excited for you!!

  • Love you, Sam! You bless me and will continue to bless me. Your smile is contagious, and so genuine, and brings joy to my soul. Thank you for sharing your gift of music, and Christ’s love through it. Praying over you and your family.

  • Hello Bro Sam,
    You are truly an example of an “Infiluencer” sir. A warrior and a soldier for Christ. Your gifts and anointings in music has blessed so many including myself and I thank God you left a legacy of some wonderful sons that continue in this giftings. What a blessing. I pray you remain strong in these last days as you await meeting your loving father soon. And I pray according to your faith standing with you for supernatural healing in your body for nothing is impossible with GOD!

  • BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! AGAIN I SAY BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I MISS YOUR GLORIOUS VOICE AND HEART FOR MEN SO MUCH! I hope you remember me as I always sat in the front row and shouted JESUS LOVES YOU BROTHER SAM AND SO DO WE (WITH MY ARMS RAISED HIGH!)!! My business travels have taken me overseas for the past 1.5 years and I pray for the day when Jesus brings me back home on Friday mornings with the Band of Brothers. I listened to the entire video and tearfully LOOOOVED the song. I will absolutely memorize Romans 8:18 and concur that THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!! Your earthly legacy in the hearts of millions is firmly set in stone like flint my Dear Brother AND FELLOW SOLDIER IN THE ARMY OF THE LORD! Until we meet again, you keep up the good fight and so will I. If I don’t see you, I’ll see you when we get HOME. YBIC AND FFW (fellow foot washer). Brother Bob

  • Sam, we are so blessed by your service and heart for the Lord and others. I so enjoyed your songs and attitude of praise each time you led us in worship. Thanks for being an example of grace and peace, and a true Influencer! We love you and the best is yet to come.

  • I think one of the biggest blessings I received at SOTO this year was meeting you. Your courage and love for God shown thru as you sang with us even though you were suffering with that ugly cancer. My happiness comes from knowing that you will soon be singing and strumming on God’s stage. Thank you again for “Influencing” my life.

  • Sam, you are an amazing servant of God. Thank you for running the race so well. The best is yet to come.

  • Sam how sweet it was that we all got to see you sing and play the guitar just a few months ago at SOTO. I got to see you and Nick play together twice at those summits and those times are highlights of both weekends for me. Soon you will be with our heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Soon there will be not a hint of physical, emotional, or spiritual pain. Wishing you a sweet time with your family and looking forward to a day when I – and we all – will be with you and can get to know you better.
    In Christ,
    – Scott Johnson

  • Sam Parsons is one beautiful soul. Through his love of Jesus Christ of Nazareth he has planted many seeds with his amazing voice and love and care he always showed to so many. No matter the outcome of our prayers, Sam will be exactly where GOD chooses him to be.

  • Hey Sam, just wanted to tell you that we are praying for you brother. You have fought the good fight and just know that Jesus loves you. I will be praying for immediate healing for you. God bless brother.

  • Love you Sam. You made a difference. I know you long to join your wife and meet our King face to face. I only pray that I can do a small part to please our King. You have shone me the way to stay strong.

  • Sam You make my Day !!! What a Beautiful Song !!! I have more than 10,000 emails and I was about to delete them all !!! What A big Surprise and Blessing to see your video !!! God Bless you Sam and Thank you so much for this Gift!!! I will pray for you … your song impacted my 10 Year Old Gilbert!!! He said that is sad but Beautiful at the same time !!! God Bless you SAM !!!

  • Sam, this is David Broussard, a friend of Glen Megill. Two years ago at the conference in Arkansas, I played bass with you on the worship team. You were so willing to let me be a part of it, not knowing if I would fit in or not. I guess by the Spirit you knew I would. It was an honor to worship with you and I don’t know if we’ll ever see each other again, but I know that God’s gifts are without repentance and they are eternal. We will play music together again and we’ll be playing in the physical presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. You have served Him well and I know He is well pleased. God bless you my brother!

  • Sam, thanks for giving us a front row seat to your worship of our king for all these years…in Malibu, SOTO and many places in between. God bless you.

  • Sam! My Dear Brother in Christ,

    I have been so blessed to have had you in my life. I remember when Pamela was battling cancer and I would listen to your CD’s for comfort and spiritual inspiration. You visited her in our home during her final days. You brought her such joy with your singing! She loved you.

    You have touched the hearts of tens of thousands with your musical ministry.

    If the Lord calls you home soon, you will have a throng of welcomers. I’m sure Pam will be in the first row!

    May God Bless You and Yours in Great Abundance. Love Ya.

  • Sam ~ Thank you for sharing your incredible music. I know I speak for many Brothers when I say you lift us up with your special gift and years of dedication. Your love for Jesus radiantly beams through your notes and lyrics. I look forward to seeing you again. I am pleased to call you Brother, Love you.

  • Sam
    May the Lord Jesus cover you at this time. May He comfort you and give you rest. I ask for your healing in your heart and soul. May you be whole in this life and the next. You have blessed so many and eternity is yours at His time. Thank you for your life!!!!! Amen and Amen.

  • My dear friend Sam.

    Rosamary and I have been Blessed since I met you several years ago. I always look forward to seeing you and enjoying your music and words of encouragement for all of us on Friday mornings.

    We LOVE you Sam. You are always in our prayers.

    Please call us if you or your family needs anything in the upcoming days. 949-559-4609

    Rosamary and Allan Rauch

  • May God bless you Sam as you have blessed so many of us. God gave you a beautiful voice and you’ve used it for his honor and glory. Praise God! Gary Peterson

  • Love you Sam. Thanks for the memories. I know you are worshiping our King today. I look forward to seeing you again. The best is yet to come.

  • Nick, I just read your post that Sam is free of his earthly pain and in the presence of our Savior. I will never forgot the beauty of the music created by you and your amazing Dad at SOTO. I join all of your friends in prayer and loving support as you celebrate Sam Parsons life. Thank you for sharing your heart and your gifts with all of us. Love to you and your family

  • Nick, I’m so sorry for your loss I know you miss your pop. But he is a true man of God and you will be able to see you wants again someday. I know for me he touched me beyond belief enjoy your father very much Nick you seem to be just like him. Anyway wish you the best love you pal.l Nick, I’m so sorry for your loss I know you miss your pop. But he is a true man of God and you will be able to see you wants again someday. I know for me he touched me beyond belief I enjoy your father very much Nick you seem to be just like him. Anyway wish you the best love you pal.

  • Sam, you have led worship with the music of our lord. and touch to many hearts. May rejoice and sing in his presents.

  • The Angels rejoiced yesterday as the sound of their music was enhanced by your sweet sounds … thank you for playing your heavenly music to us while you were here… you were such an inspiration to how dads love on their sons… Thank you and your family for loving everyone you meet so deeply…

  • Nick, Travis, and the Parsons family — My condolences, and I pray Sam & Colleen’s legacy will continue in the music and ministry you carry-on. Sam’s life was a gift to us all, thank you for sharing him with us. …

  • Nick,

    I did not know your dad well. I had the privilege of shaking his hand only once, but I knew instantly that I was in the presence of a truly Godly man. He was a blessing to me as he was to thousands of others. Praying for you Nick! Sing, Sam sing!

  • Nick, I am praying for your entire family this morning, praying for peace and comfort that will only come through our Lord and Savior. We know from Ecclesiastes there is a time for everything. We rejoice with you that Sam is now in the presence of the Lord and reunited with his wife and in pain no longer.

  • Thank You Brother Sam for your love, kindness and music that you share with us. You are an inspiration to many. God Bless You, brother

  • Nick and family,

    Whenever I think about who I want to become as I get older, my first thought is “Like Sam Parsons”.

    I will miss being led in to the presence of God by him, but I’m glad the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Nick, you are a man of God and a leader of men…just like Sam. I’m humbled to call you my friend and brother.

    Grace and Peace,

  • Nick you are so right, Sam was a great dad, husband and friend to all.
    We will treasure the time we had together. His songs and stories inspired us to be stronger in our faith.
    We pray for you and the family each day. Love you all!
    Larry and Marcia

  • Dear Nick and family, I just heard your dad for the first time yesterday as he told the message of the lady with the pencil in her mouth pointing out Romans 8:18, and his song; I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever heard. At that time, I only knew that he was in hospice care, and did not know that, today he is in Paradise with the Lord Jesus, face to face. What an awesoe man, and I only got one glimpse of Sam Parsons. I pray for comfort, Nick and family. Thank-you, Lord Jesus for letting me meet Sam, if only for a moment before You called him home.

  • You’ve inspired so many people by using the gifts God gave you to point them to Jesus! What an incredible testimony you have and leave behind for so many to speak about. Thank you for fighting the good fight. The song you sang at SOTO surely holds true today….

    Ain’t no grave gonna hold your body down.

  • Sam–we know you are sooo happy hugging Jesus and your dear sweet wife! You certainly ran the race to win and we celebrate with you! You will be missed here but someday there will be an amazing crowd of rejoicing saints gathered around you to enjoy one more song in His heavenly presence!! Well done, good and faithful servant!! 🙂

  • Sam showed us all what it means to finish well.

    Here is a letter of appreciation I sent to him and his son Travis before his passing.

    Dear Brother Sam,

    You and your worship ministry have been an inspiration and a blessing for the years that I’ve been honored to fellowship with our Influencers band of brothers at Irvine and Fullerton.

    After today’s meeting in Irvine I said to Travis, “thank you for singing an old hymn of the faith that reminded me what your dad continues to teach our Band of Brothers.” The hymn was “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.” The second line of the song encapsulates your inspiring example: “Tune my heart to sing thy praise.” The greatest blessing in this life is that we should be to the “praise of the glory of his grace” according to Ephesians 1. Your worship leadership is an example of tuning our hearts to God’s “resonant frequency” so that our hearts are in tune with His heart.

    When Jehoshephat knew that his army was outnumbered and surrounded by the enemy, he prayed to God in desperation. God said, “Put the choir on the front lines and I will fight the battle for you.”

    Another inspiring thought came to mind while I shared this with Travis. You often mention what a blessing it would be to “die in the sanctuary.” This brought to mind the scripture in 1 Corinthians that says, “know ye not that you are the temple of the holy spirt?” This means that we are God’s sanctuary, his dwelling place, his holy of Holies. To me, dying in the sanctuary is the meaning of Galatians 2:20: For I was crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me, and the life that I now live, I live by faith in the one who loved me and gave himself for me.

    Thank you brother for your inspiration to “tune our hearts to sing thy praise; Streams of mercy never ceasing, call for songs of loudest praise!”

    You are an example of a “living epistle,” God’s love letter known and read of all men. I thank God that you are a man of God and for continuing to show us what it means to “tune our hearts” to God’s resonant frequency to the praise of the glory of His grace.

    You’re a blessing and an inspiration,
    Your brother in Christ,

  • ‘Sam Parsons, a National Treasure’-Rocky Fleming Couldn’t say it better! Blessings and Wisdom left in your wake, Sam!
    Thank you!

  • Dear Nick and family, I just heard your dad for the first time yesterday as he told the message of the lady with the pencil in her mouth pointing out Romans 8:18, and his song; I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever heard. At that time, I only knew that he was in hospice care, and did not know that, today he is in Paradise with the Lord Jesus, face to face. What an awesome man, and I only got one glimpse of Sam Parsons. I pray for comfort, Nick and family. Thank-you, Lord Jesus for letting me meet Sam, if only for a moment before You called him home.

  • For all of us who want to finish strong, we only have to look at the life of Sam Parsons… What an amazing man of God… You are right in saying you were blessed to call him dad and I was blessed to sit under his music for the last seven years…

  • Sam,
    You have fight a good fight, finished a good race and kept your faith. You are a good and faithful servant of the Lord. whatever you did to one of least of your brothers or sisters you have done to the Lord. You are resting with our Lord and received a crown of life.

  • From the first stroke of your guitar and following melodies 15 years ago – I’ve been a fan of yours!
    GOD speed & much love Sam!

  • Sam, thank you for being such an amazing influence to me over the past several years. Thank you for sharing your stories about your faith and family, and being a Man of God. I will miss you but know you are doing well now, no pain or suffering, and you are in the presence of our Lord. I will keep your family in prayer as they too will miss you.

  • Sam was a Super Star worship leader and a true Man of God. He will absolutely be missed! Many blessings to his entire family for sharing this man with all of us for such a long time–what a great blessing he was to all of us!

  • Good bye my old friend. You are truly missed by many. You taught us,how to come before the throne of Grace and Wor ship King Jesus every Friday for over 20 yrs. You finished Strong!! A, great example for all of us. I was Blessed to know you
    as a Brother and friend. Adios Man of God.

  • Your dad was, Indeed, a very special man. He was an inspiration to all who he came in contact with. I know I was blessed by his genuine kindness, and his way of touching my heart through his music. “Man of God – ABSOLUTELY”

  • So heart breaking for you and your family Nick. But no no more suffering for your awesome Dad. Will keep you all in my prayers.

  • Sam like so many of us I only got to meet you a few times. But each time the message you brought to us was from the Lord. Thank You for being a blessing to us all. Well Done Sam Well Done

  • Hi Sam,
    I’ve never met you, but now that I see that your in hospice, I just wanted to reach out to you and impart God’s zoe life. My hope is that you’ll receive the fullness of the gift of healing and that Jesus will be glorified. God is absolute and Jesus is still all powerful, and wants you healed and saved, BOTH.
    You’re the Best, Favor & Blessings!

  • Sam was always a delightful man! I met him when my older brother, Dan played keyboards and sang with Sam in a band together back in the late 70s, early 80s. This was not a Christian band, but I remember an audition that I went to where Sam played a song that he had written; this song wasn’t just “another song”, but this song was a song that the Lord had given Sam. I believe the song was titled “Destiny”; oh my goodness, you could have heard a pin drop in that room! There was such a presence of God that no one moved or spoke, it was absolutely breathtaking! I knew that Sam had had an encounter with the true and living God! He and Colleen soon married and his life trajectory became one of serving the King, his family and God’s people.
    I know many will miss Sam and already miss Colleen, try to remember how temporary this life is and do as Sam did, Love your way through this life and rob hell to populate Heaven!
    Well done Sam Parsons, Well done! Until we all meet again, may the Lord send His Comforter to all Sam’s family and friends that are especially in need of His presence at this time.

  • Glory to God for your ministry in care homes and your infectious love for meeting the needs,giving your time and talents in song to shut-ins bringing joy to their closed world and presenting the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    I remember long, long ago the Sat Am sages where you ministered leading worship and only some 5 years ago, meeting you again, for a brief time, where l was blessed as we shared ministering to residents at SPCA care facility.
    Blessings to a faithful man who answered God’s calling.
    AGM Missionary Chaplain
    Cliff Smith

  • Sam played for the residents at Autumn Years in Costa Mesa when I was a volunteer there several years ago. He told a story once about a time he was crying as a kid and his grandma told him, “Honey, don’t stop crying. Tears make the heart tender, and God can’t use a hard heart.” I really don’t like to cry, so the story struck me, and I came home and made a note of it. I’ve thought about it often over the last few years, and it’s been a real comfort and encouragement to me, so I just wanted to say, “thank you.” I also know the residents really enjoyed his visits, so thank you from them too!

  • Nick, We knew your dad in his musical days in Orange County and we both worked with him. He will be remembered always as a gentle spirit. His talent was God given and we are so proud that he used it years later in his ministry. Just found out today that we lost our friend, but know that he is dancing in heaven with Colleen. God bless your family. Terry Craig and Judy Street.

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