Influencers founding father, Bob Brown, is undergoing triple by-pass heart surgery on Tuesday, November 12th.  Please pray for Bob for protection, healing and a successful surgery.  If you’d like to leave a comment for Bob, enter below.

13 comments on “Pray for Bob Brown

  • I just been invited to a devotion by influencer on the Bible app and was looking at the website to learn more information and saw this. I a praying for a successful surgery and fast completing healing process for Bob. To Glory be the Glory.

  • Bob you are a faithful brother who defines the gift of faith. I have you in my prayers and we know God has His plans for you. For that reason all will be well. I love you brother. Rock

  • We are praying for a successful safe surgery, and total recovery. May God’s healing guiding hands be upon you and the surgical team throughout your healing process.

  • Bob, my name is Shane and we don’t know each other, but Jesus knows us fully. He knows your body and the staff at the hospital. So I pray and ask Jesus to please comfort your heart and mind, and your family, with His deep peace right now, and that He will please give wisdom to the surgeons and staff. I pray for a smooth surgery and healing without any difficulties. I pray that His peace would overwhelm you and you would feel His presence each day. May God bless you brother.
    – Shane

  • Bob, you have been an inspiration to me. I know where you are, because I have been there. I’m praying for your complete recovery and that you will be back on your feet quickly. I love you.

  • Bob, the recovery is proof that He’s been a work. It’s a joy to have a stronger body that will continue His work in the body. Peace to you and family. A time to listen and realize how much your loved!

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