Spanish-Speaking Virtual Journey Guides Needed

Last week, I had a meeting with our Influencers leaders in Costa Rica and Colombia, South America and they tell me of the excitement and growth that is happening with the Journey Groups there.  The transformation and power has been so evident that they are getting many requests from men and women who want to go through The Journey.  MORE DEMAND THAN THEY HAVE GUIDES TO SUPPLY.


They are doing it right…going slow, going deep, and not getting ahead of The Holy Spirit.  So they don’t want to thrust anyone into leadership prematurely.  So, we had another thought.


Given the gift of our Virtual Journey Groups, we wondered if we had some Spanish-speaking Influencers in the United States, who would be willing to guide some of these people virtually?


So, if this is YOU, would you please contact Bryan Craig at [email protected] to discuss this possibility.