Generosity Challenge

As Influencers, we take the lead in generosity.

We challenge you to take the lead in being generous in your families, churches, and with Influencers Global Ministries.

All one-time donations between now and Dec. 31, 2018 will go toward our 2018 Generosity Challenge.






Give Monthly

If you’d prefer to give to make a recurring monthly gift to Influencers, click here to give now.




Give to the General Fund

If you don’t want your donation to be included in the Generosity Challenge, click here to give now.






Influencers Global Ministries is a 501c3 Non-Profit ministry.

Our Regional offices raise support from their region to support the discipleship operations there, and the Global office needs support for:

  • Expansion of the ministry to new cities all over the world
  • Translation projects to bring The Journey to people in their own language
  • Training of Guides in all our Regional cities to make sure men are equipped to lead
  • Creating relevant media to spread our message and our methods via the internet
  • Providing free materials for our Prison ministry and for countries in need
  • Managing our Global Office Operations, including shipping and stocking of curriculum
  • Making Disciples!!!!


Influencers Development Statement

We believe God created Influencers and anointed us to Make Disciples.  We believe He wants to take this Ministry and the Journey process to the ends of the earth so that His children will learn to Abide in Him and so that He can set them free to serve Him fully.  We believe He will fund the needs of this ministry so that we might fulfill His calling.  We believe He will move the hearts of individuals who have the ability to donate passionately and generously to this Vision.  We will Abide in Him, we will pray fervently, we will follow His Spirit and we will Trust Him absolutely with the plans of this ministry.  We will not limit God by our intellect, our experience or our expectations.  We will share the blessings of this ministry by asking our participants to help meet the needs we encounter.   We will live by Faith.