Don't Miss This Historic Event Influencers International Men's Summit

February 28, 2024

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Don't Miss This Historic Event Don't Miss This Historic Event Influencers International Men's Summit April 4-7, 2024New Life Ranch Frontier Cove
Fellow Influencers, we have had many Summit gatherings in the past 23 years, but this one feels different. This may be the last Summit before our much-anticipated Journey Movie comes out, which could catapult this ministry exponentially. It appears that God is getting His sons ready and rallying the troops.
It is going to require healthy, strong, courageous leaders. It is going to require a vibrant partnership with the Local Church. It is going to require thousands of men who are able to lead men virtually. It is going to require leaders who speak different languages. It is going to require Journey Guide preparation.
The Summit will create a sacred space for God to talk to you, in many different ways and to help you see your part in this Discipleship movement.

Here are the speaker topics we are planning:

• “Come to Me”- Josh Sherley

• “Abide with Me”- Nate Sweeney

• Friday Night- “Make Disciples with Me”- Bryan Craig (to include  Panel interview about Movie with Sach Oliver, Brian Bird and Kevin Ernst)

• “Watch with Me”- Rocky Fleming

• “Die with Me”- Frank Khalil

• "Live for Me”- Henry Gutierrez

We are also planning some Equipping Seminars with these potential topics:

• Guide Mentoring (including discussing Couples Journey Groups)

• Virtual Journey Groups• Influencers Regional Expansion• Living it Out in a Region

• Working with the Local Church

• Using Events as On-Ramps in a Region

• The Theology of Influencers

• Prison Ministry

Please PRAY about joining us April 4-7. If there's anything getting in the way of you coming that we can help with, please let us know. If you cannot come, but would be willing to cover this event in Prayer, please Register to be an Intercessor.
Can't wait to see you on April 4th.