Influencers Bakersfield Commencement

July 2, 2021  |   bakersfied

The men of Bakersfield completed our Journey season this May. God moved in miraculous ways this season. Some men surrendered their hearts to the Lord for the first time. Others surrendered hindrances that had kept them distant from the Lord for decades. In the pictures attached, Josh Sherley, Paul Benthin, and Gary Steffes co-guided a group of 20+ men throughout the season. The rocks on the table are hindrances being laid down at the cross. Some men grew up in church, but through the journey experienced Gods grace for the first time changing their “dutiful performance” for God into “passionate devotion” of God. Others followed the Holy Spirit as He led them into the fire to be pruned, and through the fire brought freedom in ways they could never have imagined. 
Next season, some in this group will become Co-guides hoping to lead others up the mountain to intimacy with Christ. Bakersfield is praising God for all He did this past season!