It's Journey Season

August 25, 2021

It’s so awesome that we have Journey groups starting throughout the year, all over the United States and beyond.  But Fall is a really big launching time.  And as COVID continues to cast a dark shadow on churches and stifling community, The Journey is needed now, more than ever.  Also, with all the crazy world events happening, people are seeking for answers to the questions their souls are asking.  I encourage everyone who receives this email:

  • If you’ve never been through The Journey, join a group.  Your life will never be the same.  Let us know you are interested by CLICKING HERE


  • If you’ve gone through a Journey Group, become a Journey Guide.  There are people you can reach that no one else can.  They are your mission field, your refugees.  Pray about a Co-Guide and start praying about who to invite.  If God is wanting you to do this, it will come together and He will equip you.  You can also order 5 Journey Books to plant seeds at a discounted rate. 


  • If you’ve been a Journey Guide and don’t have the margin to lead a Journey Group right, become a Mentor.  Pray about 3 people you can spend time with over the next year, getting to know their story, sharing journals with, challenging and encouraging each other in the faith. 


  • If you would consider guiding a Virtual Journey Group, there are men and women from around the country who are looking for groups, who have NO LIVE GROUPS in their hometown.  You can help them learn how to abide so they will be equipped to guide people in their city in the future.  You could help plant seeds which turn into new Influencers Branches!  If you are guiding a Virtual group, please let us know the details by emailing Joy Primm at [email protected].