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Letter from Papa

October 18, 2022

My Dear Children,

So many of you are needlessly struggling with issues in your life right now, because you are not allowing Me to enter into them with you.  You forget that I have given you many promises that I will help you (a).  I long to show you My love and care for you, for you live in a lonely and desperate world (b).  You live in a darkened world, and you need My light (c).  But you are so busy trying to manage your life’s challenges the best you can do, you forget the best that can be done comes from Me.  Seek Me, and you will find Me (d).  Call out to Me, and I will hear you (e).  Seek My wisdom, and it will be given to you (f).  Follow My leadership, and I will lead you to the desires of your heart (g).  Die to yourself and live for Me, and you will find the life you long for (h).  Seek My perfect love, and I will cast out all of your fears (i).  Give yourself away to find the person I can make of you.  Bless to be blessed.  Immerse yourself in My love to become more than a conqueror of the things that assail you(j).

Child of Mine, as long as you live for two kingdoms you will always be in conflict and will not receive My best.  I am a jealous God, and I will not bless the double-minded, the half-hearted, the hypocrite, or those with divided loyalty.  You must live for My kingdom to receive all that My kingdom can do for you.  I will have no idols before Me with My children, and an idol is anything that comes before or between you and Me.  You must choose for yourself who or what you will follow (k).

Many of you do not understand that when you declared yourself to be follower of My Son Jesus Christ, you also declared yourself to be an enemy of the Prince of Darkness.  The Prince of Darkness rules your world.  It is he who has brought death, disease, destruction, enmity and strive, wars and lawlessness.  He has created despair, anger, and hate, violence, rage and envy.  My Son came to save you from the destruction that will be coming.  I have already judged the Evil Man and all who follow him.  I have set in motion the destruction of all things that he has caused, and I will cleanse it away.  There will be a new world and heaven and we will dwell together.  But, until then, you must endure, persevere, and with My help, conquer.  Remember this and keep it before you at all times.  Do not slumber.  Do not give up hope.  Do not join the despair that is coming, for My Son is returning soon to take you to Me. That day is coming soon.

With all My love,


(This letter is compiled from divine messages inspired by God in His Holy Word referenced below.)


(a) 2 Peter 1:4                                (f) James 1:5                                    (k) Joshua 24:15

(b) Matthew 11:28                         (g) Psalm 37:4

(c) Psalm 27:1                                 (h) Matthew 6:33

(d) Jeremiah 29:13                         (i) 1 John 4:18

(e) Jeremiah 33:3                           (j) Romans 8:37