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Memorable Quotes from Rocky’s Other Books 

February 3, 2023

Memorable Quotes from Rocky’s Other Books 

Rocky Fleming has written other books that are not part of The Journey Process.

  • Compelled by Grace- a great follow-up to The Journey to the Inner Chamber as we learn more about the life of Gabe and some of his Kingdom Secrets.
  • Proximity- Rocky shares a lot of his wisdom about making disciples from a theological and practical perspective.
  • Forged for a Vision- Rocky share his life story and helps understand how God prepared him for the vision He was revealing.
  • The Return- This creative adventure explores the life of a prodigal son and a Father’s love.

Quote from Proximity:

My question to you is if you want to bless and re-invest your life into your family at present and the ones who follow you, with the most important treasure and legacy you can leave them? I’m not talking about a grandfather clock or your gun collection.  I’m not even talking about your journals, for those to me are simply recordings of things I’ve seen happen being shared with the reader.  What I am talking about is being in such closeness with God through abiding in Him that He can do a work in and through your life that will follow you all your days and beyond.  Your influence will come from God’s influence to you, in you and out of you to those who follow you.  Got the picture?