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The Journey Movie- The Time is Now

February 4, 2024

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Our Movie project is heating up and it's time to ask for your help. We have hired a screenwriter, Brian Bird, who wrote the screenplay for "A Case for Christ" and is the current screenwriter on a popular Hallmark show, "When Calls The Heart." We have received significant donations to get us started, but before we can take this story to screen, we will need to raise the funds for our full budget. Once the script is complete, we will have a better scope for the budget, but we feel certain it will take $10-15 million to create this movie, especially in creating this important spiritual place in Part One of Journey to the Inner Chamber.

Please check out our Movie Page which gives you much more detail about the project, but please also Pray about making a special gift to help us. With the thousands of you who have been touched by this story and this ministry, we can create quite a Crowd Fund ourselves.

We continue to get excited about the thousands of people we believe will want to know about The Journey after they see this movie, and we are making plans accordingly.