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The Spanish Influencers Movement

April 24, 2024



If you would have been at the Summit and seen the large Spanish contingency, you would see how God is inviting us to reach the Spanish-speaking people   all over the world. The first Spanish translations of the Journey curriculum were done back in 2007 with a desire to reach a church in Peru. For whatever reason, it never took off, and the Spanish books sat in our warehouse. In the last 5 years, with the emergence of Influencers Costa Rica, Colombia and other Latin American countries and God raising up Spanish-speaking champions in the U.S. like Carlos Alfonzo, Jaime Vega and John Vasquez, there has been an explosion of Spanish Journey groups.  


We recently had all the Spanish curriculum proofed, edited and re-translated so that all of our Spanish curriculum is in a more universal Spanish for use all  over the world. So, help us spread the word. All the Journey materials are available in Spanish, in hardcopy or digital form in the Influencers Store. The newly edits Spanish Journey Manual is in production.  


 We also have many of our Bible reading plans hosted on the Bible App in Spanish as well. Check them out on our YouVersion Devotional page.


Lastly, direct your Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters to our Spanish page on our website. Influencers Espanol