Year-End $50,000 Matching Fund 

November 8, 2022


God continues to invite Influencers to new cities and nations, and we are SO excited.  One of our generous Influencers supporters has pledged $50,000 in Matching Funds through the end of the year.  Please pray about investing in Discipleship through Influencers.  A few exciting developments:

    • We are exploring a few new Translation needs- for example, the men in Rwanda have a need for the Journey curriculum in their tribal language to reach a broader audience including those less-educated who do not speak English.  It costs approximately $15,000 to translate all of our curriculum into a new language.
    • One of the men at the Summit is blind, and we have been asked to explore translating The Journey into Braille.
    • We are praying about the possibility of producing a Movie based on Journey to the Inner Chamber to share our message more broadly into new audiences.
    • We anticipate some future staffing needs to support a growing ministry.
    • Prison Ministry is ramping back up and we donate all the materials for these individuals.
    • 10% of all Donations we receive go into an “Expansion Fund” to support new Influencers Branches and growth.