Greg McCann

June 2, 2021

Greg is a Roman Catholic who was asked to go on The Journey.  He is unique in that, although he loves the Catholic Church and the sacraments which bring him closer to Christ, he has an appreciation for other faith traditions and expressions.  He saw the Holy Spirit working in powerful ways in his Protestant brothers and sisters, and he could not ignore this.  Growing up, his parents, who were devout Catholics, became a part of a Holy Spirit movement that crossed the lines of denomination and tradition.  So, he had a respect for tradition and sanctity, yet he was always open to the moving of the Holy Spirit.

He joined The Journey because when he was asked to come, he felt the Holy Spirit prompting him to say “Yes.”  It was a very diverse group of men from all different faith backgrounds, but all shared a love for Christ.  At the very first meeting, Greg felt the Spirit’s presence, and he knew he was where he belonged.  He marveled at the love and the power in this room of men, yet it affirmed his belief in God’s desire for a kingdom unity that transcends many current boundaries.

Greg was searching for God’s direction for his own life.  Professionally as well as vocationally, He has always been in the health and fitness industry.  At one time, he and his wife even owned a Personal Training Studio as well as a Yoga studio.  Unlike many Yoga studios, Christ was the center of this one.  He had a true calling to help people find wholeness in Christ, not just spiritually, but also physically and mentally.  He believed this included physical fitness and paying attention to one’s diet.  He had a dream for a ministry, which he called “Living Well Ministries.”  Part of this dream included hopes for a Prayer Chapel in the Woods, for he believed Prayer to be the key aspect which guided individuals toward wellness.

As Greg dove into The Journey, he at times, developed doubts about the process.  He felt called to all individuals, not just men, so he wasn’t sure this “men’s ministry” was a fit.  He also struggled with journaling, and he almost allowed this to disqualify him from going forward.  His Guides and the Holy Spirit encouraged him to continue, and he did.

Through the Journey, Greg realized there were other brothers in his midst who shared his heart for prayer.  A need arose for someone who was sick and needed prayer.  Greg and two of his Journey brothers met with this man and guided by the Holy Spirit, they counseled him and prayed over him.  The men were so touched by this experience that they longed for the privilege to do it again.  As they opened themselves up to be used by God, He began to give them more opportunities.  They started calling these opportunities, “Prayer Missions,” and it was amazing how many different situations God called these men into.  They went to hospitals, to Prayer Chapels, to homes and they prayed for the sick, the discouraged, the hurting, the seeking, and for people of all ages, from small children to the elderly.  James 5:13-16 was their key scripture, along with the verses where it says that Jesus sent out his disciples, two by two, to bring healing to different cities.  They never knew what God might do in the way of healing, but they always knew that the love of Christ would be shared.  It became a ministry in itself, a pure expression of The Journey and abiding with Christ. 

These Prayer Missions continue today, and Greg and the men have found more men like them with a heart to pray for others.  Greg went on to guide several Journey Groups, and a few years ago, he stepped out in faith to go full-time with Living Well Ministries.  He is living by faith and trust like never before, and he continues to pray and dream about his Chapel in the Woods, as well as an entire retreat and fitness center.  He sees The Journey as a key tool in helping men grow closer to Christ and learn to follow the Spirit.  He hopes for more of his Catholic brothers to go on The Journey, and he continues to be used of God in that sphere of his influence.  He also continues to share the beauty of the Catholic sacraments with his Protestant brothers, and he is building true Kingdom unity.

Had Greg not followed the Spirit into this ecumenical group of men, he would have missed out on so much God had in store for him, including some life-long relationships which will carry into eternity.