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The Fruit of our Ministry

October 31, 2023

The Fruit of Our Ministry









 Last week, we asked for testimonies from people who have been positively impacted by going through The Journey and being involved with the Influencers ministry.  We wanted to share some of these with you for encouragement and edification.  God bless you all out there, laboring in the harvest fields, making Disciples!

Here are a few "snip its" of the testimonies shared:


"The love I felt that morning from complete strangers was overwhelming.   I had never allowed Men to enter my personal space and even think of sharing my past.  These Men showed me Love, Compassion and Grace I had never experienced.  More importantly they showed me the Love of Jesus.  I had heard of God and Jesus all my life but that was it.  My Mentors taught me what an Abiding relationship with My Father and King looked like.  They taught me who The Holy Spirit was in my life.   How to become a Self Feeder by taking time to learn God’s word.  I found a community of Believers, a Home Church to call home." 

Eddie R. (Bakersfield, CA)


"That first Journey group changed my life in more ways than I can express here, but I can honestly say I found my calling and my purpose in God's Kingdom... to invite and train other men to become true disciples and warriors for our Savior King, Jesus Christ!  I'm now Co-Guiding my 3rd Journey group and I've never felt so alive and full of purpose!  Praise God for bringing one of His disciples into my life.  His Holy Spirit is alive and active in our groups, church and community.  Finding and growing disciples for Jesus is what it's all about.  All praise and glory to our King!"

Doug D. (Norman, OK)


"But since Influencers came alongside our church recently, it’s like I have woken up to a new way of living and I find myself doing things like I did when I first believed! I shared with my table…the whole room in fact, that it’s like my faith has been “Activated!”

Mark H. (Bakersfield, CA)


"While participating in Influencers groups, I have experienced a greater motivation to attend and engage with our church. The exercise of gathering regularly with a group of believers with the same goal of glorifying God, living out obedience to him, and walking alongside each other through blessing and struggle has an encouraging impact and is referenced as a priority in Hebrews 10:24-25 and 1 Thessalonians 5:11. I have experience that in attending and serving in my church AND in my Journey groups. Together. If anything, attending Journey groups for fellowship and further discipleship in Christ has made me more enthusiastic than ever to go to church on Sundays and be an active member. This gratifying correlation means I’m now a more effective part of the body of Christ because of the work God is doing in my life. I've been encouraged by the Journey books and manual especially when I hear sermons on Sunday referencing scripture I’ve been reading that week in Journey. I can recognize God drawing my attention to these repeated precepts and growing my understanding through the Holy Spirit."

Jeff D. (Tehachapi, CA)


"The Journey has been a gift to me. I’ve been blessed to connect with other women who love God, who desire to be led by Him. It has helped mature my faith to pray, share, journal, and study with them and be encouraged by their testimonies. Over the past two years, God has deepened my appreciation for who He is, who his Word reveals Him to be. My prayer life has become more rich, constant, and authentic. It is the first thing I turn to. I'm seeing the results in the way I interact with others, with how often Scripture comes to mind for a given situation, in the way I respond to difficulty, and I know where to go in gratitude -- to God. Nowadays, I understand that spiritual fruit is an indicator of an abiding life in Christ but not the work of man. It is the work of Holy Spirit, developed in me through loving surrender and trusting obedience to Christ. That’s a distinction I never made before exploring that scripture in my Journey group. When I center my life on God and his Kingdom, there’s a beautiful shift that takes place. (Matthew 6:33) But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided to you."

Carly S. (Monroe, NC)


"Once I stopped listening to the Orphaned Spirit (Satan trying to pull me away) and realizing that I AM a son of The Living King and that I am loved by my Abba Father, then He took me deep into His Word to show me what I needed to know.  I am currently the leader of the men’s ministry and serving in His church.  I never felt that the Journey was to replace my time of worship or preaching but to encourage me to open His Word and become a “self feeder” to grow in my relationship with Him.  I learned how to abide in Christ!"

Jason N. (Tulsa, OK)


These are just a few that we received. Thank you to all that shared and we will share more in the future!

God is good and at work!