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The Jesus Revolution: A Powerful New Christian Movie

February 15, 2023

The Jesus Revolution: A Powerful New Christian Movie

The Jesus Revolution movie opens up Friday, February 24th, in 2000 theaters across America.  I was fortunate to see a pre-release version of the film with my wife a few weeks ago, and we loved it.  It stars Kelsey Grammer of "Frasier" and "Cheers" fame and Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus on "The Chosen".  It is a true story of The Jesus Movement that started when a passionate, conservative, legalistic pastor befriends a Jesus-loving, intelligent, insightful, passionate hippie.  It was like two worlds colliding but the result was a powerful move of God.

I did not know much about Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie and Calvary Chapel or its history, but the movie does a great job of telling the story and not sugar-coating the struggles along the way.  What really struck me the most was how Lonnie Frisbee (played by Jonathan Roumie) talks about the young hippies and how "they are really just looking for Jesus.  They're just looking in the wrong places."  As a father of 3 daughters in their 20's, I've watched this generation of young people who seem to be looking for the truth.  They see the division in the world and the hatred (by Christians) toward gay people and Democrats and other people who think differently.  They see their parents who call themselves Christians and go to church religiously, yet don't seem to bear the fruit of the Spirit.  They need to see Jesus today!

I believe God is using Influencers to help change this narrative and show this generation Jesus. 

I encourage you to go see this movie opening weekend.  In the movie business, studios determine how long they will keep it in theaters by the success opening weekend.  And it is a great tool to use with your seeking friends and family.  Some Influencers are considering buying out theaters as an evangelism and/or connecting tool. This could be an open door to bring someone into The Journey.

Here's a link for more information of how you might use this movie.

Lastly, movies are powerful.  Continue praying with us as we consider making a movie based on Journey to the Inner Chamber.