What Do You Need For The Journey?

September 2, 2021

As Journey groups are forming and invitations are being extended, we thought it would be good to summarize the Journey process and the materials we use.  For some of you who haven't gone through The Journey in a few years, you may need to know about a few changes in the curriculum.

The Journey is a 9-10 month process of guiding individuals into an intimate, abiding relationship with Christ.  We do this through small group meetings, individual Bible study and journaling, retreats and by giving the Holy Spirit access to our lives.  As the abiding begins to occur, participants will begin to see the Spirit transforming their hearts and inspiring them to live out their faith to the world.

The Introduction

We use an allegory called The Journey to the Inner Chamber to help Journey recruits start thinking about the Spiritual progression God intends for all His children.  We meet for 2-6 weeks to discuss the book and the Biblical precepts behind the story. We recommend each participant have a copy of the book as well as the 6-Week Study Guide.

The 9-Month Journey

By the end of the Introduction, participants are invited to join the full 9-month Journey.  Those who want to go on The Journey will need the Basic Journey Pack.  This includes:

A Journey Manual- The Journey Manual IS the backbone of the discipleship blueprint God gave our founder Rocky Fleming 20 years ago.  There are assignments and group discussions, as well as key perspectives and explanations.

A Journal- Journaling is a key part of The Journey experience.  We will show you a simple journaling method in Session One which you will use throughout the 9 months.

An Orphan No More- This book helps participants understand the intimate nature of God and that He Knows, He Cares, He is Willing and He is Able, all of which will be unpacked during the first leg of The Journey called "Enlightened".  This book also highlights a major hindrance in the body of Christ from becoming the sons and daughters God intends...the Orphan Spirit.

The Prayer Cottage and the Sacred Garden- This book was written to help believers learn how to have an extended time of Prayer with the Lord.  This is practiced as a group during a special time of prayer organized by your Guides.

Abide- The real heart of The Journey is Abiding in Christ.  This little book helps participants understand what it truly means, helping them see where they are in their relationship with Christ.

Beyond the Inner Chamber- This book was written a few years ago and helps group participants understand how the organic nature of discipleship works and their role in it.  

If you are a Journey Guide, please get a copy of The Journey Leader's Guide, which will give you helpful information in planning, forming and facilitating your Journey Group.

One last key thing ALL Journey group participants will need is a Bible, but that probably goes without saying.

For more information on The Journey and the DNA behind it, go to our Journey Page