Greg Huett

June 2, 2021

Greg was climbing the corporate ladder of a Fortune 100 company.  He was a “good ol’ boy” who was also very intelligent and sharp.  He was good at business, and he was willing to do whatever it took for the sake of the company.  He had a wife and four boys, and he was a pretty good family man, though the international travel his company demanded did not afford him much time at home.

God first got his attention at a Promise Keepers conference in 1996.  One of his managers invited him, and he only went to appease his boss.  His quick innovative mind was plotting all the ways he could escape the stadium once he got there.  Miraculously, God reached down from Heaven, in the midst of all the noise and all the distractions in Greg’s mind, and touched his heart.  He gave his life to Christ in the stairwell of a crowded football stadium.

Things began to change in this fast-paced man’s life.  He began to hunger more for God’s Word.  He began to look at his whole life differently.   However, time marched on, and the business pressure was not going to stop.  God started opening his eyes, though, to other Christians who worked at his company, who were in his midst.  When he heard Promise Keepers might be coming to his part of the country, and a group of Christian businessmen were heading the charge, he was all in.  He was asked to lead the effort and soon found himself in prayer meetings about this upcoming event.  His spirit was opening up more and more to the Holy Spirit. 

Not too long after the PK event, Greg decided to leave Corporate America to become an entrepreneur.  He was tired of all the travel, and he wanted to be closer to his family.  God’s Spirit was changing his perspective.  As he was beginning to read God’s Word with new eyes, he couldn’t get away from the concept of the “fruit of the Spirit.”  He was baffled by how love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control could be present, all at once, in a person’s life.  He longed for these attributes, but he didn’t really know how to attain them.

About that time, a man gave him a “Journey to the Inner Chamber” book, and told him about this movement of men going on right in his neck of the woods.  As Greg began reading the book, he believed this might be the answer he was seeking.  He immediately joined a Journey group, and for the next several months, he poured himself into God’s Word, journaling and seeking the Spirit.  He was truly becoming a different man from the hard-driven corporate executive he had once been.

In the middle of all this, his new business was struggling to make it.  Setback after setback occurred, and financial challenges forced Greg to lean on the Lord like never before.  Just as in the Journey book, where it describes the Workout Room as a place where the trials of life test the faith concepts we are learning at the Banquet Table, Greg was being pushed and stretched in many, many ways.  He also learned the value of having brothers to walk alongside you in the battle.  He had always been very independent, not a man to ask for help, but The Journey opened his eyes to another new concept:  Christian community.  Brothers were praying with him, encouraging him, sharing Scripture with him and checking on him regularly.  Greg also began to open up more and more to discuss spiritual topics with his wife.  They both started seeing God’s fingerprints on every aspect of their life.

God did not solve all of Greg’s problems overnight, but He carried him through them all.  Greg soon brought The Journey to his church and shared the process with many more men.  He saw the power of “abiding with Christ” to get to the Fruit of the Spirit.  This had been the missing ingredient in his faith experience all along.  He also felt a calling to our Prison initiative and helped get Journey Groups started at Cummins Prison.  Greg is now on the Influencers Board and is using his leadership skills to help guide this ministry into the future.